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An Ode to the Pleasures of Food

3:43 AM

Everyday Life... A gastronomical journey!

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

 Welcome to the Ardent Epicure, a place to discuss food and cooking from the everyday, to the far and away!  I have always loved cooking (not to mention eating), and I believe food is a passion that is shared by everyone, all across the world, throughout time.  Food binds us and brings us together like nothing else can.  Cooking can change the world, and it can also change your life!
The Ardent Epicure will be a place to share thoughts and ideas on that subject that so affects us all: food!  From ingredients, to recipes, to cooking tips, to the cooking and food stories that brighten our lives, let this be the place you come to share your thoughts on that subject which enthralls everyone the world over... Food!
Whether you are a novice cook, someone that just likes to make nice family meals on the weekend, an experienced chef, or just someone who likes to eat, this is a place to share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences about food.Most of all, my advice for food and cooking is: don't be afraid!  Try something new, share an idea, and together, we can cook (and eat) our way to a more fulfilling tomorrow!

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