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Cheeses of the World - Three

Posted by Magic of Spice

There are many types of cheeses and so many varieties within these types
From Fresh Cheeses like cream cheese to Hard Cheeses like Gruyere
And from all over the world
We will be featuring a few from different Countries stating with

Gorgonzola Piccante
This is a firm cow's milk blue cheese, from north of Milan
The body is a pale yellow with blue vaining, and a rough red rind
It has a sweet yet sharp flavor with an overal buttery palate
This is an aged cheese whos flavor intensifies with further ageing
With ageing we develope a woody undertone, adding to the spiciness and gentle bite
A full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon would be excellent here

Pecorino Toscano Stagionato
This centuries old sturdy sheep's milk cheese, from Tuscany
Here we have another pale yellow/white interior, and a heavy brown rind that is
 mottled in texture
A nutty flavor with just a hint of salt, and an almost herb like undertone
This is a very pleasing cheese and does well accenting most any dish
This one is a young cheese and really not aged at all
Does well with a Sangiovese

Robiola Bosina
A creamy cow and sheep's milk cheese, from norther Italy
The interior is smooth and silky, it is square and flat with a moldy rind
This creamy cheese has a hint of mushroom, it is mild, sweet and almost milky
This is an absolutely delightful addition for any cheese lover
Another cheese that is really not aged
Try this with a  Dolcetto d'Alba or a Sauvignon Blanc

Fontina Val d'Aosta
A semi-firm cow's milk cheese from the Alpine slopes
An  unpasteurized and full-fat cheese, what a delight
The straw-colored interior with its small round holes, with a brownish rind
 Has a delicate nuttiness  with a hint of honey, and earthy flavors
It is commonly melted and is a main ingredient in Italian fonduta ( Fondue)
Aged for only three months
An Austrian Zweigelt or a good Barolo

If you are able to have availible the most prized of all treasures,
 "The Truffle", this cheese is a must have

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