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Cheeses of the World - Two

Posted by Magic of Spice

There are many types of cheeses and so many varieties within these types
From Fresh Cheeses like cream cheese to Hard Cheeses like Gruyere
And from all over the world
We will be featuring a few from different Countries today with


Tomme Fermiere d'Alsace

This is a firm and luscious cow's milk cheese made in the Alsace region
The rind is washed several times during the ageing process with a fruity local wine
Highlighting the flavors as it develops its long fruity notes and buttery undertones
This one also has some subtle earthy flavors


A nice Riesling will do wonderfully here

Fourme d'Ambert

A creamy cow's milk blue from Auvergne Region
It has a thin, yellowish rind flecked from sandy molds
The cheese itself is a bone white with dimpled blue hues
The flavor is creamy and mild flavor with a slightly nutty finish

A Ruby Port or any light fruity wine will serve well

Bleu d'Auvergne

Another of the soft cow’s milk cheeses France is so famous for
This one from Auvergne Region
This one also shares a blue veined interior and has rich pungent taste when aged
Typically the ageing is about 4 weeks, but like our Brie becomes stronger with age
This is an earthy and spicy cheese with a famously creamy texture on the tongue
Not as salty as many of its similar cheeses

Another good one for the Desert wine pairings
Try either Sauternes or a Barsac both having fruity and sweet flavors.
This also works well with a variety of your Dark Beers 
Chabichou du Poitou
Here is another traditional soft, unpasteurized goat cheese from Poitou-Charentes Region
A white cheese with a thin rind of yellow and blue mold
This cheese can be enjoyed while young, or aged 10 days to 3 weeks
Retaining a sweet smooth and distinct flavor, or aged for 6 weeks or more
The longer the cheese is aged the more acidic and salty the finish, becomes crumbly in texture

                                                Chabichou du Poitou

Try with your dry white wines like a Chardonnay or
                                       Sauvignon Blanc  

I would recomend if you are trying any cheese for the first time purchasing from a cheese shop
Or trying a Cheese Club to expore this delightful journey through cheese for yourself.

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