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Cheeses of the World - Part One

Posted by Magic of Spice

There are many types of cheeses and so many varieties within these types
From Fresh Cheeses like cream cheese to Hard Cheeses like Gruyere
And from all over the world
We will be featuring a few from different Countries stating with

Majorero, Pimentón
This is a firm, unpasteurized goat's milk cheese from Fuerteventura. It is coated in Pimentón (a traditional paprika)
This was done to prevent mold and bacteria from assaulting the rind
This gives our cheese it’s particular appearance and Smokey, spicy taste
Over half the goat milk produced on the island is converted into Majorero cheese

Majorero Pimenton

Champagne and Cognacs compliment this versatile cheese very well

Manchego, Artisanal
Here is another firm Spanish cheese, this one is a pressed uncooked sheep’s milk 
cheese from La Mancha
It’s nutty, sweet, and tangy essence makes this quite an enjoyable choice
If this cheese is aged for at least 12 months it becomes firmer and is excellent at this point for grating

Manchego, Artisanal

A good medium bodied red will do the trick here
Perhaps a Merlot-Cabernet blend
Throw in some hard crusted bread and roasted red peppers and don’t forget to invite us

This one is a rich and creamy cow and goat's milk blue cheese from Leon
A profoundly-flavored cheese with hints of pepper
Its wheels wrapped in the leaves of a Sycamore and is aged about 3 months
This award winning cheese is audacious with a long lingering flavor

Beaujolais, as well as Muscats are good choices here

I would recomend if you are trying any cheese for the first time purchasing from a cheese shop
Or trying a Cheese Club to expore this delightful journey through cheese for yourself

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