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Just For Fun Ingredient: Alcohol...

Posted by Magic of Spice

And plenty of it!

Chocolate Espresso Martinis

Okay, here is my version of this drink…Careful, it tastes like candy!

What you will need:

A martini shaker


Brewed and chilled espresso

Coarse rimming sugar and chocolate shavings


Bailey’s Irish Cream (or any brand you like)

Chocolate liquer

Coffee liquer
Yes that is really it. Now take equal parts of each of you more dangerous ingredients…

I usually use a bit less vodka

Fill your shaker with some ice…And shake it up… Now pour…

Use some coarse sugar (usually found at any spirits store), mix with your shaved chocolate, and finally coat the rim of your glass.

You might also like preparing your glasses with a chocolate sauce beforehand.

Remember to pre-chill your glasses!
And if it is a dinner party, hide the guests' keys...

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