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Fresh Herb - Rosemary

Posted by Magic of Spice

This is probably my favorite herb of all time.

Rosemary is a hardy evergreen shrub that does well in most climates. In colder regions,  however, this plant should be brought indoors during extremely cold climates.

How to grow it:

*Make sure the soil is moist, but does not puddle or become too muddy.

*This guy thrives best with soil that is a bit sandy, or in lime-rich soil.

*Sun, sun and more sun. Oh, did I mention sun?

*This one is difficult to grow from seed, so a starter plant from your local nursery is best.

*Rosemary also beings to  propagate from cuttings during late spring. They should begin to root in six to eight weeks. Transfer into small individual pots until you have developed a strong root ball.

*Mature rosemary plants prefer the outdoors, but do very well in container gardens.

*If you plan to grow your rosemary in a pot, make sure it is deep, and add sand to your soil mixture. Also, make sure there is sufficient drainage.

*Make sure that you prune during the Fall Season, especially if you do not harvest frequently.

How to harvest:

This is an easy one. Just pull off leaves as needed, or use kitchen shears to cut branches at the leaf joint.

What is it used for?

Rosemary is great for flavoring meats, fish, stews, soups and dressings, or really just about any dish. Rosemary is also popular as a garnish on plates, to add that gourmet feel. The oil from rosemary leaves is also used in medicinally. This one is great for use in Aroma Therapy (careful to mix pure essential oils with another oil, such as jojoba)

Of course you may choose to purchase this herb, in which case, you should go for fresh over dried whenever possible. If you do choose dried rosemary,  it is best to use a spice grinder to chop the rosemary before use (dried rosemary is very tough).

Anyone want the recipe to my Ginger, Lavender and Rosemary Veggie Soup?

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