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Ingredient - Tequila

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Tequila is a spirit made by fermenting and distilling the juice of the blue agave plant
Grown in a region of west-central Mexico
Primarely in the city of Tequilla and surrounding areas
The agave is planted, tended, and harvested by hand
The agave plant takes 7 to 12 years to ripen
The piñas are shredded, and  their juices pressed out
 then placed into fermentation tanks and vats
Juices ferment for 30 to 48 hours
 They are then distilled twice in traditional copper stills 
Or modern ones made of stainless steel or in continuous distillation towers
A "Silver Tequila" is triple distilled 
Then placed in barrels to be aged 
It is a common misconception that some tequilas contain a 'worm' in the bottle
 Only certain mezcals, usually from the state of Oaxaca, are ever sold con gusano starting back in the 1940's
  The "worm" is actually the larval form of the moth Hypopta agavis that lives on the agave plant. 
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Ageing Tequila:
Blanco or Silver Tequila’s are not aged
Oro or Gold is not aged but has caramel coloring added
Reposado is aged 3 to 6
Ajeno or Aged is i aged for 1 to 3
Reserva or Especial tequila are aged for over 3 years
Asom Bruso  the oldest tequila aged 13 years or more
Most Tequila’s are aged in either virgin or previously used wine, whiskey, scotch or brandy oak barrels

A few good ones to try:
 Gold Joven
 Jose Cuervo
 Casta Añejo

Making a Basic Margarita:
3 parts of tequila 
2 parts of triple sec
1 part of fresh lime juice 
Coarse kosher salt 
Lime wedge 
Ice cubes 
 Moisten the rim of the glass with lime 
Then salt the rim of the glass 
Fill the glass with ice cubes 
Add the tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice in an ice-filled shaker
(or blend with ice in blender)
 Pour into a Margarita glass 
 Garnish with a slice of lime 

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