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Making the Perfect Omelette

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

One of my favorite foods has always been the omelette.  Basically a pan-fried bunch of eggs filled with various ingredients, omelettes are perfect for breakfast, or any time of day!  I won't go into any omelette recipes here, but I will give some tips that I have used over the years to make a delicious, fluffy omelette.
Tricks of the Trade
1) Beat your eggs in a separate container before making your omelette.  Don't just toss eggs in the pan; we are not making regular fried eggs.
2)  When whisking your eggs, add some milk or cream.  This will help to make them fluffy and delicious, rather than dense.
3)  Use lots of cheese, and try different types.  The cheese in an omelette adds the most flavor.  Try using sharp cheeses, or using a mixture of cheeses, and don't be skimpy!  Good cheese will go a long way toward making an omelette delicious.
4)  Be daring with your ingredients.  Just about anything can go in an omelette.  If you like it, and the flavors work together, add it!  Bacon, sour cream, tomatoes, potatoes, chiles, steak, salsa, vegetables... Toss in whatever you like!  The omelette is a melting pot of delicious flavors, so add what you enjoy, and don't be afraid to really pack it in there!
5)  Make an omelette of any size... If you are feeding a lot of people, don't be afraid to make a huge omelette.  If it fits in the pan, you can cook it!  When you go to fold it over, don't worry about perfection; as long as it tastes good, you are golden.
Making the Perfect Omelette... In the Oven?
One of the best things that I have found to create a delicious, fluffy omelette, is to employ a dual cooking style.  Before you start making your omelette, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Cook your omelette in the pan as usual, and once the top of the omelette is nearly cooked, add your ingredients, including the cheese (putting ingredients on only one side of the omelette will help it close, and try to keep the products away from the very edge of the pan).
Wrap aluminum foil around the handle of your pan, so that no plastic or metal on the handle is showing.  Once your ingredients are set, slide the entire pan into the oven, and let it cook there for a few minutes, before finishing it on the stove.  This will create that fluffy texture we want, and really add a nice flavor to the omelette.
The next time I make one, I'll try to take a picture to add here.  =-)
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