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Recipe - Artichokes With Lemon And Thyme

Posted by Magic of Spice

Braised Artichokes

The artichoke is a member of the sunflower family, believed to originate in the Mediterranean
This astonishing vegetable is available all year round

Did you know?
There are more than 140 varieties of the artichoke
And that in the US, California produces nearly 100 percent of the harvest
They are also popular in Spain, Chili, France and Italy
However they date back possibly as early as 287 B.C

What you will need:
2 -3 Medium Artichokes
1/2 cup Avocado Oil (Olive is fine too)
1/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice
8-10 Sprigs of Thyme
5 cloves Garlic mashed
2 medium Shallots
1/8 teaspoon Lemon Zest
1/4 cup Water
1 teaspoon Salt 
1/4 teaspoon Pepper 
Medium sized baking dish with lid

Lets get cooking:
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees for 15 minutes
In baking dish combine your oil, lemon juice, shallots, lemon zest, garlic, thyme, water, salt and pepper
Note: Make sure to trim both top and bottom of your artichokes
Cut into quarters
Coat into you mixture until even
Cover your baking pan with lid
Cook for approximatively 45 minutes 

Try a nice Spanish White with this like a Albariño
A light and airy white 

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