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Cheeses of the World - Four

Posted by Magic of Spice

There are many types of cheeses and so many varieties within these types
From Fresh Cheeses like cream cheese to Hard Cheeses like Gruyere
And from all over the world
We will be featuring a few from different Countries today with

Double Gloucester
This is a semi hard classic English cheddar style unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese
This one from Gloucestershire
This confidently orange hued cheese has a natural and firm rind
There are two types of Gloucester, single and double
Single is prepared from skim milk with a small amount of whole milk added
Our double is prepared from whole milk only lending to its richer more exuberant flavor
Ageing is typically 36 week and continues to sharpen with ageing

This one does well with your golden Ale beers

Hawes Wensleydale
A medium textured cheese and crumbly pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Wensdleydale
This cheese has a pale creamy interior with a thin natural rind pressed and preserved in wax
Generally aged from 3 to 6 months, up to 9 months for the Extra Mature Wensleydale
The flavor is mild and a bit lemony with a hint of honey
The more mature versions, as well as the blue and smoked versions
have a firmer texture and stronger bite than the younger vession

This is an excellent cheese to accompany fresh fruit
Alongside a Pinot Noir or Chenin Blanc

Colston Basset Stilton
A creamy textured cheese that is also a bit crumbly pasteurized cow’s milk cheese
From Colston Basset a small village in the Vale of Belvoir
Inside we find a blue veined pale coloring with
Here we have a dark natural rind with the cheese darkening at the edges nearest the rind
This is a wonderful and well bodied cheese with hits of chocolate and fruit

A good sherry or port will do nicely, well as many of your Ale beers

“Bless the products of the bovines and the vines!”
William Cole, 'What a Friend We Have in Cheeses!'

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