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Food Tip - Pitting an Avocado

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Pit and Peel an Avocado
Avocados are a very popular fruit, in dishes from tacos, to guacamole, to salads and beyond.  However, the avocado is known for its tough skin and large pit, and this can add an intimidation factor for many new cooks who would like to use fresh avocado.  If you want to use fresh avocados to make your own guacamole instead of buying it in a package, here are a few tips for getting that pit out, and removing the soft flesh from the tough, inedible skin.

1)  Slice the avocado in half, length-wise (from top to bottom)

2) Twist the two halves in opposite directions, then pull.  This should cleanly separate the two halves, leaving the avocado pit in one half or the other. 

3) Next, take a large kitchen knife and, using the thickest end of the blade (the large part near the handle), hit the pit with the blade.  If you do this hard enough, the blade should lodge into the pit.  Then you can twist the knife one way and the avocado the other, and pull at the same time.  The pit should come out cleanly. 
*Note: use care when removing the pit from the knife, so as not to cut yourself.  I recommend using a towel to take off the pit.  Just grab hold of the pit with the towel, and pull it off the knife blade.

4) Once you have two halves without pits, all you need to do is score the flesh of the avocado.  To do this, simply use the very tip of your knife to make a checkerboard pattern in the flesh of each side, with lines going both vertically and horizontally.  It doesn't matter if your lines are perfect; just make enough to separate the flesh into small rectangles.

5)  All you have to do now is scoop out the cubes of avocado with a spoon, into a bowl or other vessel.  Dispose of the pit and skins, and you are ready to make some delicious food!

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