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2:18 PM

Food Tip - Refrigeration

Posted by Magic of Spice

What food not to store in the refrigerator:
Cold temperatures can compromise the flavor and textures of these foods

Tomatoes should only be refrigerated once
they have been prepared in some way
Refrigerating tomatoes will impair their flavor
and give them that oh so unwanted
Mealy texture
Instead store at room temperature with stems up

Coffee is porous which allows their oils
to be released during roasting
Also making them susceptible to
neighboring odors of other foods
Too cool of a temperature will
Cause these oils to breakdown
And you will lose the flavor and aroma

This should be cooled in a dry dark place
Also wrapped well
Chocolate is another one that is highly susceptible
to neighboring foods odors
If kept cold the condensation that develops once at room temperature
Can destroy its texture as well

When potatoes are refrigerated
Their starches start to turn to sugar
Causing then to have an overly sweet flavor once prepared
They should be stored in a cool dry place
Away from onions and garlic
Each give off their own unique gases
Causing the others to speed up the ripening process
And spoil more quickly

Onions need low humidity therefore no refrigeration
And should be stored in single layers

Another one that should only be refrigerated
Once it has been cut or prepared or skins removed
Low moister and not too much light

Like our tomatoes refrigeration
Will cause a mealy or mushy texture
And this will diminish both the flavor as well as your enjoyment

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