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Whats For Breakfast - Turkish Coffee For Two - Recipe

Posted by Magic of Spice

 The name "Turkish Coffee" is the preparation, not the type of coffee bean
Turkish Coffee is unique in three ways;
First the coffee is never filtered, second it is boiled
Third the coffee itself is ground to a fine powder

Whats For Breakfast - Turkish Coffee For Two

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and as sweet as love."
Turkish proverb

Turkish Coffee Set

What you will need:
A hand full of dark roast coffee beans, raw
(Or purchse roasted and groung Turkish Coffee)
Large skilled
Sugar, optional
A cezve,(Turkish coffee pot)
2 fincan,(Turkish coffee cups)
A kahve degirmeni,(Turkish coffee grinder)
2 1/2 cups water, use your coffee cups to measure

Lets get roasting:
Place a handfull of dry, unroasted coffee beans in a skillet
On a stovetop heat over medium-high heat, turning constantly
Continue to roast your beans for 15-25 minutes
Note: The longer your roasting time, the darker and richer your beans
Your beans will begin to become oily,
this should take 15 minutes or lesss
Continue to roast until all beans are oily and have a good strong aroma 
At this point you can continue to roast for an additional 5-10 minutes
Place coffee beans on a paper towel and allow to cool
Remaining beans can be stored in a bag, unrefrigerated
You can purchase raw coffee beans online

Lets get brewing:
First you will need to grind your beans
Note: Turkish coffee requires a very fine grind,
 most grinders will not cut it
You should use a grinder specific to Turkish coffee
Fill your coffee pot with 2 1/2 coffee cups of cold water
Add 4 teaspoons of turkish coffee, ground and sugar if desired
Place your coffee pot on the stove, simmer over lowest heat possible
Continue to stir until you start to see a layer of froth on top
Just before the coffee starts to boil and you have your froth,
remove pot from heat and divide foam among coffee cups
Replace coffee pot on stove, bring to a boil
Remove from the stove, wait about 20 seconds or so,
and repeat boiling process, up to 3 times, 
depending on the strenght you wish to achieve
Pour coffee into cups and wait several minutes before serving
Note: Do not stir coffee once you have poured into cups,
there should be a layer of grounds at the bottom of your cup

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