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12:45 AM

Comments Update and Facebook Login

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

The Ardent Epicure has made some significant changes to our comment system.  I have integrated comments via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, OpenID, and Disqus.  These features will simplify the act of commenting for many users that may not have (and may not want) a Blogger/Google account.  In addition, it will allow "Guest" users to comment with a name and optional Web address, rather than using an anonymous profile.
In addition, I have integrated a Facebook login to our site.  What this means is that you can log into your Facebook account via the Ardent Epicure application through Google.  This will sign you on to your Facebook account, and in turn sign you on to our site via Facebook.  This will allow you to post comments from your Facebook profile, as well as publish your comments to your wall.  In addition, this will allow us to expand on the options available to users by adding more Facebook-related content in the future.

Here are the answers to a few questions you may have:

How do I log on using my Facebook account?
Simply click the Connect with Facebook button in the upper-right section of the blog, in order to bring up a sign-in window.  Sign in using your Facebook account.

I make comments using Blogger or Google.  Can I still use those?
No and yes.  While you cannot log straight into Blogger from the site to make comments anymore, you can use your OpenID to make comments if you do not have another viable profile, or choose not to use another profile.

What is my OpenID?
For Google, your OpenID will be the URL of your Google Profile.  For instance:
If you need to set up a Google Profile, go here:
For Blogger, your OpenID will be your blog URL.  For instance:

What if I don't want to use an OpenID, and I don't care to use my Facebook or other social page to comment?
You can create a Disqus profile at
Alternatively, you can simply stay logged out, and enter a posting name, e-mail address, and Web page to comment as a guest.  If you have a blog, please use your blog's URL as your Web site, as clicking your name in the profile will lead users back to your blog!

If you have any other concerns, questions, or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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