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Food of the Day - The "Other" Egg

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 The "Other" Egg

Eggs are a very versatile ingredient in cooking,
 and are enjoyed in many dishes around the world
The most common in the US are chicken eggs

However there are many types of eggs used in culinary dishes
From very small eggs such as quail to the largest of the ostriches
Along with several other eggs utilized within the cooking arena
Here are a few:

Is duck egg that’s origin is the US
Taking the name from The Lake Cayuga in New York
There are used for general cooking purposes
Similar to that of a chicken egg, with the whites being a bit firmer
They have a darker outer shell of light blue to gray in color

The Emu origin is Australia and is there largest bird
Although not as common today, they are still served as curiosities
Their yolks are paler and quite large, taking up 45% of the egg
They are said to have a stronger flavor than a chicken egg
They are  blue to bluish green in color

Today domesticated geese are found in various places around the world
However according to Charles Darwin the origins are strongly tied to ancient Egypt
For culinary dishes one goose egg will replace two chicken eggs
The flavor is richer in that of the chicken egg
Goose eggs are typically white

Guinea Fowl
Originating in West Africa on the Guinea Coast
Of creamy white to pale brown in color or flecked
In Africa, these are often sold hard-boiled in local markets
There flavor is milder than that of the chicken egg

Varies species of the Gull or Seagull can be found 
along coasts all around the world 
The gull egg, or sea gull egg, is considered a delicacy in England and Scandinavia
 The shell of the small egg is covered with light to dark brown blotches
 There is a slightly fishy flavor to the egg

There are many species of quail and again from various parts of the world
Quail eggs are similar in flavor to chicken eggs, but very petite in size
Taking about five quail eggs to one chicken
 They have a lovely speckled shell, lending them to be quite popular within the gourmet arena 
The shells range in color from dark brown to blue or white
 Quail eggs are often hard-boiled and served as an hors d’oeuvres
They are often fried as well, and served in a variety of gourmet dishes
Quite popular in Japanese cuisine 

Turkeys lay large eggs with a brown shell and a delicate flavor
The origin of the wild turkey is North America
A species known as an ocellated turkey is native to the forests of the Yucatan Peninsula 
The eggs are quite large, approximately one and a half than that of a chicken
They are white or cream in color or sometimes speckled
There flavor is very similar to the chicken egg
They are not very commonly used for cooking, being
That the cost to harvest the eggs outweighs the need as they have lower birth rates

In many coastal communities around the world,
turtle eggs are gathered for consumption
However all species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered
The eggs have a mild and rich flavor
Generally the shells are softer than bird eggs, tan and speckled

Other eggs for other days
There are also many types of fish and shellfish eggs
that are very popular throughout the world of cuisine
Generally referred to as “Roe”, the most popular being caviar
This will however be another Food of the Day
As there are many varieties and uses

For some information on how to best choose (chicken) eggs in the store, check out this post.

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