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Memorial Day Barbecue, Part Two

Posted by Food Pear-ings

Memorial Day Barbecue, Part Two - Fish

Yellow fin tuna, grilled artichokes
and tri-color cauliflower

To start off with, we hope everyone had a fantastic 
Memorial Day weekend!
As we have mentioned before, "Food Pear-ings" is a collaboration
between our team members; or, a synonym for
everyone falling  over each other in the kitchen.
And our "guests" are basically
people who are really getting hungry
and wondering if we will ever finish photographing
the food so they can eat...
As you may have seen, we had a grand shopping event
However, our beautiful tuna steaks
were purchased separately at Santa Monica Seafood

The tuna steaks were also cooked on our gas grill,
but pre-heated to about 500 degrees and maintained at about 400 degrees
We prepared these to a medium rare
They were just lightly brushed with avocado oil,
roasted garlic flakes, freshly-ground pepper, and
Pink Australian Flake Salt
Along with these lovely pieces of heaven,
we served grilled organic baby artichokes
and some lovely tri-colored cauliflower

The artichokes were braised with a champagne
marinade that we used on the grilled vegetables
from part one of this series
This included champagne, balsamic vinegar, olive oil,
a French herbes de Provence blend, garlic, freshly-squeezed lemon juice,
and some chipotle chili powder
They were then drizzled with a
champagne mustard sauce (also served on the side)

The Champagne Mustard Sauce
What you will need:
2 tablespoons of champagne (or a very dry sparkling wine)
4 tablespoons of mustard aioli
4 tablespoons of Greek-style yogurt, plain
1 clove of garlic, minced
Mix all of the ingredients until they become smooth and incorporated
(Also makes an excellent sauce for fish)

Coming up will be our grand finale:
Dessert - Caramelized Pears on a bed of
Mascarpone, with a surprise whipped cream topping

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