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Memorial Day Weekend - Shopping

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Shopping for Memorial Day
Plus a Snack

In celebration of Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to have a nice barbecue.  So we went out to Trader Joe's (the local specialty food store), the produce market, and the butcher, to pick up some wonderful and delicious foods to make for you guys over the weekend.  
I would like to share some images from my trip to the butcher, where we picked up a few things for our barbecue extravaganza!

This store had a nice selection of meats, cheeses, wines, and other specialty food products.  Since we were there, we picked up a great unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, and a couple of finishing salts (an Australian flake salt, as well as a container of fleur de sel).  Both salts are very good, but fleur de sel is the king of salts.  If you think all salts are the same, try a piece of bread with olive oil, and put iodized salt on one and fleur de sel on the other... It will change your mind!  
For more information on salts, check out our post on salt here.

We also picked up a couple of cheeses for the occasion.  Both are actually delicious variations of truffle cheese.  One is a strong, tasty truffle gouda, and the other is a more mild cow's milk cheese, with a strong truffle flavor (if you have ever had the truffle cheese from Trader Joe's, just imagine that multiplied by 10 in terms of taste).  They were absolutely delicious!  For a little grocery unpacking snack (hey, shopping is hard work!), we had some bread with olive oil and salt, and a few slices of cheese.  What a heavenly snack.

Here is a close-up image of the olive oil, to give you an idea of the color (you can see by the slightly cloudy coloring that the olive oil is unfiltered):

While we didn't purchase any wine there yesterday, it is something we will be taking a closer look at in the near future... However, I took a couple of images of the cheese and wine selections to give you guys an idea of what we were working with:

I hope you enjoyed this peek at our weekend shopping, as well as our simple but delectable lunch.  I will posts pictures of the meat when I post that section of our weekend barbecue adventure!  Also stay tuned for barbecued fish and vegetables, and more!   

For any locals that may be interested, I would definitely recommend this butcher shop for your meat and cheese needs, and they have some other nice treasures to be found as well.  The selection was fair, the prices were reasonable for the most part, and the environment was perfect. 
The information for this store can be found below:

The Meat House
103 E. 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 548-6328
Open 9 AM to 8 PM every day

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