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What's for Dinner? Pizza with Pesto and Shrimp

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Pizza with Pesto and Shrimp

This is a fairly quick meal we put together using fresh pizza dough.  We used our left-over spicy basil pesto, but you can add any type of sauce you like.

What you will need:
Enough sauce to cover a 12-inch pizza
Enough cheese to cover a 12-inch pizza (we used a mixture of several different types), shredded
Note: we also added some real sheep's milk feta cheese to part of the pizza
Fresh pizza dough (we used an herb dough from the local specialty food store)
About 12-16 large shrimp
About a pint of fresh mushrooms (we were lucky enough to get some beautiful fresh Brown Bunashimeji mushrooms)
About a teaspoon of dried ground rosemary (if you use fresh, chop it up ultra-fine)
About a teaspoon of minced garlic
Two sweet peppers (we used one yellow and one orange), sliced into strips
One small tomato, or half a large tomato, sliced
Any other toppings you prefer (we added a few kalamata olives to part of the pizza, for instance): you can add capers, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, eggplant, or anything that sounds good to you!
Freshly-ground pepper and sea salt (to taste)
*Note that we didn't add anything spicy to the pizza because we were using a sauce with African Devil Peppers in it!  If you are not, and you want a little spice in your pizza, try adding crushed red peppers to the mix in the pan, or sprinkled over the finished pizza.

Let's get cooking:
Preheat your oven to 450 degrees, or as directed on your package of pizza dough.

In a pan, heat up some butter and oil, and once it becomes how, add the peppers.
Let the peppers cook for a few minutes, until they just start to become soft and begin to brown.
Add the shrimp and cook them until they turn orange, and are just cooked through.
After the shrimp just start to turn from grey to orange, add the mushrooms for the last couple of minutes (you do not want them to lose their texture, just cook them until they start to soften).

Note: you may add your spices a little at a time as you add each item, or add them all after you incorporate the mushrooms; make sure the spices are evenly-distributed.

Once everything in the pan looks nice and done, remove it from the heat.
Spread out your dough using a rolling pin, until it reaches the desired thickness (don't let any edges stay too thick, however, as you are likely to end up with doughy crust). Do this on a lightly-floured board, and also sprinkle some flour on the top of the dough, as well as the rolling pin.

Once the dough is stretched to your liking, transfer it to a lightly-oiled baking sheet or a pizza stone, and spread the sauce over it evenly.

Sprinkle the pizza generously with your cheese.
Next, add the items from the pan to the pizza, and distribute them evenly across the pizza.  Also add any other items you wish to be on your pizza.  You can add a lot, but don't stack items too much; your pizza shouldn't break when you go to eat it!  Also, the dough may not cook properly if you use too many toppings.

Bake the pizza in the oven for the time indicated on the dough package, or until the bottom is golden brown, the edges are crispy, and a toothpick pushed into the thickest parts of the dough comes out clean.

Slice and enjoy!  Makes about eight slices, depending on how big you want them!

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