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Grilled Pizza with Lemon Balm
 and Pineapple Mint Pesto

Another idea from the garden...What to do with all
of those fantastically fragrant herbs?
(As mentioned previously "Food Pear-ings" is
a collaborative between members)
Well we had an idea for a pesto combo
using lemon balm and an over-abundance of pineapple mint.
We had also wanted to try grilling a pizza
on the BBQ, so we came up with this...

 Fresh From The Garden Lemon Balm and Pineapple Mint

What you will need:

For the pesto
2 cups lemon balm, fresh
1 cup pineapple mint, fresh
3/4th cups pistachios, roasted (shelled-unsalted)
1/4th cup Pecorino Romano, grated
1 medium lemon, juiced
Half 1 lemon,zested
2 pinches cumin

Let's get mixing:
Combine all ingredients in blender 
Blend until paste forms, stopping to push down the basil as needed
 Add cheese, lemon juice, cumin and salt and pepper to taste
Continue to blend until smooth, adding more oil if needed
 (Can be made the day before and stored refrigerated and surface covered with oil)

For the pizza
1 pkg pizza dough
10-12 fresh wild water shrimp, shelled
de-veined and halved lengthwise 
Shiitake  mushrooms
2-3 pinches cayenne pepper, ground
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup truffle cheese, shredded halved
1/4 cup Toscano cheese, shredded halved

Let's get cooking:
Prepare pizza dough on floured board
Shape into a circular or rectangular  pattern
Brush one side with olive oil
Place on grill of a very hot BBQ grill, about 500 degrees
Allow to cook about 5 minutes or until browned
Brush oil over uncooked side
Turn dough over and allow other side to cook
again about 5 minutes
Remove from grill and transfer to large plate

In a large skillet, place olive oil and butter,
until just hot
Add shrimp, sauté until pink in color
Add mushrooms, sauté  until soft

Cover surface of pizza dough with pesto
Add 1/2 of cheese
Add toppings then remainder of cheese

Return to grill, reduce heat to medium
and cover
Cook until cheese is melted

Note: This is for a thin crust pizza...For a thick crust
double the amount of dough...

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