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Warmed Candied Ginger Broccoli Salad
 with Seared Tuna and Shrimp

I was in the grocery store picking up a few things,
and ran across a bag of organic broccoli slaw.
Now not being big on slaws, my thoughts went to a warmed salad.
The slaw has some shredded carrots and red cabbage as well,
adding a bit of color along the way.
This is a super easy throw together meal, so I am not
going to do a formal recipe for it.

What you will need:

For the warmed salad
1 package of broccoli slaw
Small handful sugar peas
A hand full of alfalfa sprouts
A hand full of micro greens
4-6 Shitake mushrooms
Almond oil

A pinch of the following
Roasted garlic
Lemon pepper
Candied ginger crystals

For the sauce
2 parts soy sauce
1 part molasses
Splash of rice vinegar

For the tuna and shrimp
1 small filet of yellow fin, sushi grade
4-6 shrimp, raw

A pinch of the following
Cayenne pepper
Roasted garlic

Let's get cooking:

For the warmed salad
Heat a tablespoon or two in a large pan
Add broccoli slaw, and sugar peas
Add seasonings as desired (see list above)
Sauté a bit until just slightly softened
(you want them to remain a bit crunchy)
Allow to cool a bit
Prepare mushrooms same as the
Warmed salad, but until softened

For the tuna and shrimp
Use the cayenne, garlic and salt like a rub
Coat to desired heat you wish to achieve
Heat pan until hot
Add almond oil
Place shrimp in pan, cook on both sides until pink
Sear tuna on each side until outer edges 
are just cooked, or to desired wellness

For the plate
Create a nest using the alfalfa sprouts on each plate
Top with your warmed salad
Drizzle with the desired amount of sauce
Place a good sized pinch of micro greens on top
Place a small bowl with sauce on side for dipping
Serves 2

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