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An Ode to the Pleasures of Food

Chamomile, Lavender, and 
Pineapple Mint Sparkle
I am growing chamomile for the fist time this year
and it has suddenly exploded in my garden.
So, I was in the garden admiring the lovely delicate little flowers,
and thought... I must use these in a recipe.
Almost before I had time to finish that thought,
I decided on a syrup and quickly fixed upon the
herbs I would balance this with.
And in a flash of genius I came to the conclusion that lavender
 and pineapple mint would do perfectly...
(OK they were really the closest adjacent to the blooming chamomile)
I have taken a few photos of my, quite wild organic garden,
to share with you...

What you will need:

2 cup of water
2-3 small bunches of fresh chamomile
1 small bunch lavender
2 sprigs pineapple mint
4 leaves spearmint, optional
2 cups raw sugar, I used organic
Sparkling water or champagne

Chamomile syrup:
In a medium sauce pan bring 2 cups water to a boil
Wash herbs and pull leaves off your mints
Break up your chamomile and lavender to release oils
Place herbs in water and bring to a soft boil
Add sugar , continue to gently boil until sugar is melted
Reduce heat and continue to simmer, making sure the sugar has dissolved
Cool completely and remove herbs, strain if necessary
The aroma was indescribable, and the chamomile
most definitely took center stage

The Sparkle:
In a chilled glass
Place about 1 inch of your simple syrup
Add sparkling water or champagne
Place your syrup in an air tight bottle,
if refrigerated should last up to six months.
Other uses would include a delightful drizzle for crapes,
or basically anywhere you would enjoy a traditional syrup...

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