The Ardent Epicure

An Ode to the Pleasures of Food

 Ice Cream Passion Fruit Cocktails 
& New Friend Introductions

I wanted to start of with a couple of introductions.

As many, if not the majority of us are here due to our undying passion for food.
I am going to introduce to you two people that
I find to show this passion in an exceptional manor.

I will start with Penelope Tsaldari...
Penelope has a wonderful site about the art
of food and the excellence of serving.
Here is a brief from her site...
"Dining is a meaningful part of loving life. It awakens our senses in making eating,
 drinking and the art of serving, more of a
 captivating ceremony that heightens our pleasures."
Now I am neither a writer nor a critic, so this
is solely based on my personal experience.
As far as Penelope, I am enthralled by her passion.
Like any work of art, the artists ability to
make you feel what they are feeling is the heightened goal.
When I read the article “Mining The Deep Smarts of”
 by this delightful artist, the words seem to jump
 from my screen and into me, as if they were my own.

Now on to Chef David Buchanan
Chef David is the master mind behind Chefs-Resources is a collaborative site,
in where it’s primary function is to pull together
quite literally any and all information at ones finger tips.
Regarding food and food recourses that is.
Information that is, what any chef, foodie or even a
 home based cook would more than benefit from.
As a small example, let’s say I have been posed
with the task of a dinner party.
Finding out that my guest of honor is a big fan of
Grouper… I know I’ve had it at one point or another.
However it had obviously left a dull impression.
This will not happen at a dinner party of mine,
So I research my little grouper friends here.
I am now more than well armed with what I need
to pull of a stunning presentation of a meal staring,
yes grouper. And now I know it’s range of flavor, texture and even
whether or not it is currently in season.
And so much more...

The Cocktail

What you will need:
1 1/2 cups Ice
2 cups clementine soda
2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 cups passion fruit rum

Lets get mixing:
Place ice and clementine soda in blender, until just mixed
Add ice cream and rum, until smooth
Pour into well chilled cocktail glasses
Serves 6

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