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9:52 PM

Independence Day Fare - Adult Iced Tea

Posted by Food Pear-ings

 Adult Iced Tea
with Pomegranate Liqueur and Vodka

To begin with we hope everyone here is the US
had a fantastic and safe 4th of July:)
We are going to start of here with "The Drink"
mainly because that is how we started...
This will be a three part post however,
to prevent readers from nodding off before reaching the entrée.

What you will need:
Pomegranate liqueur
1-2 cups Pomegranate simple syrup
2 cups your favorite brewed tea,
Pitcher and glasses

Let's get mixing:
Fill piture about 1/3 filled with ice
Add your chilled tea
Add equal parts pomegranate liqueur
and vodka.
Add simple syrup a bit at a time
to test for sweetness


Stay tuned for the dishes:)
The Salad:
Arugula and Radicio salad
with Seared Scallops 

The Entrée:
Crab and Lobster Cakes
with Grilled Summer Squash Salsa

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