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 Champagne Mousse with Candied Lime
and Mint Essence plus an Award:)

I am not at all sure how to start, but I know
that unless I make this portion rather short...
We could be in the running for "The worlds longest post" award.
There are just two things that I wanted to add here.
The first being that I accidentally added double the champagne
to this recipe when I was preparing it.
Now normally I am just, woo-hoo!
But as a warning, your mousse will take considerably longer to set...
And will be on the creamy verses fluffy side.
Second my favorite champagne flute (you will see in other photos),
had an untimely and tragic ending after the final photo opt:(
And it just happened to be the very last of its kind.
On a positive note, as stated in our title we have received our first award!
So I will be presenting the recipe and then move on to the award.

What you will need:
For the mousse
8 ounces of white chocolate, a good grade
6-8 tablespoons champagne or dry sparkling
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, chilled and chunked
4 egg yolks
3 tablespoons caster sugar (very fine grained)
6 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
2 heat proof bowls
2 sauce pans that above bowls will fit neatly atop

For the candied limes with mint essence
4-5 fresh limes, sliced (see 1st photo above)
2 cups water
3 cups sugar (I used the caster)
4-6 leaves of fresh mint (I used spearmint)

*Please note that the candied limes with mint essence
take over an hour, so you may want to start them first

Lets get cooking:
The mousse
In one of your heat proof bowls
Add white chocolate, butter and champagne
Set over a pot of water that is at a low boil
Stir until completely combined and melted

In a second heat proof bowl
Set over the second pot of water and a low boil
Add egg yolks and sugar
Whisk until thickened, about 5 minutes or so

Allow both the chocolate and egg mixtures to egg room temperature
While these are cooling, add cream to a mixing bowl
With a hand mixer, whip until just softly peaked (do not over mix)

Now combine your egg and chocolate mixtures
Blend these gently with a spoon until just incorporated
Take whipped cream and very gently fold into mixture
Just allow the ingredients to gently combine

Place into individual serving dishes and chill

The candied limes with mint essence
In a large sauté pan add water and sugar
Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer
Add lime slices and mint leaves

Simmer on low for about 1 hour
Making sure that the lime slices are well coated
Periodically turn slices to coat each side evenly

Place a rack above wax paper or a baking pan
Place your candied lime slices on the rack
Allow to cool completely, until no longer tacky to the touch

Arrange as desired...
I placed a candied lime atop each cup of mousse as a garnish.
But they are quite delicious on there own:)

Now for the Award!

This wonderful award was was presented to us
by an amazing food blogger and woman.
We were so honored to be acknowledged by our fellow blogger
Memoria of Mangio da Sola whom is an amazingly accomplished Lindquist
as well as a fantastic cook/baker. She is a delight to read,
and is fearless with her variations of posts...
We loved her from the moment we stubbed upon her site,
and she is a true joy...
And we most graciously thank her for including us.

The guidelines for accepting this award are :
Thank the person who gave it to you
Tell 7 things about yourself
Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered, 
and think are fantastic.
For the seven things about us:
  1. We are a team of three - And a family, Mother, Son and Son In Law. We also have a fourth post name under Food Pear-ings that is dedicated to joint efforts. Each of us contribute above posting in the following ways...
  2. Truffle Shuffle- Site development
  3. Sugar and Spice - Baking and quality control (tastes everything)
  4. Magic of Spice - Artistic development
  5. Truffle Shuffle aka Adam is a food connoisseur and IT specialist
  6. Sugar and Spice aka Grely is a baker and lover of all things good food
  7. Magic of Spice aka Alisha is an artist and former professional chef
Our choices for the 15 bloggers, however because we are so new
it is a bit hard to filter between newly discovered.
So we will do our best to award appropriately.
And we would quickly like to thank all of our "older foodie friends" as well:)
  1. Vintage Sugarcube  Jenn -She has a very new site but Oh WOW...Food is a serious good time here.
  2. For The Love of Yum Nadia - What a beautiful site, fantastic photos and oh so wonderful food.
  3. The Duo Dishes Chrystal and Amir - Food with a passion. Wonderful site and expressive dishes.
  4. Bebe Love Okazu  Judy - Such a fun and thoughtful site, every word is a treasure.
  5. Firefly Suzana - Talk about versatile...This site has everything,oh and food too:)
  6.  Cinnamon Spice - Reeni, OK just take a sec to check out the "Pantry Basics" if you can get past the wonderful dishes:)
  7. Roti n Rice - Biren  Fantastic photography, amazing dishes and great stories...could you ask for more:)
  8. Anncoo's Hobby - Anncoo from delectable sweets to curry there is alway something to memorize you.
  9. Lawyer Loves Lunch -  Azmina For her fun and inspirational projects and office adventures.
  10. Foodie House - Lauren Beautiful dishes, great stories and just a good read.
  11. The Homegrown Gourmet - Jill, Always creative and inspiring. 
  12. Geli Heimann's Kitchen - Geli  Always creative, great write ups and reviews and such great photography.
  13. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness - Emily Always fun and always great food.
  14. Chez Myrtille - Myrtille, The site is in French but the most beautiful food and stories you will ever come across.
  15. Just Food Snobs -  Good food and good conversation always.

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