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What's for Lunch? - A Salad in the Nude

Posted by Magic of Spice

A Salad in the Nude

What could be sexier for a summer dish than a salad in the nude...
This is a fork and fingers salad with dressing on the side,
and no added seasonings or spices.
In fact there is not even a recipe, just a list of ingredients.

I had some lovely green and yellow organic beans,
as well as some wild rice that was just hanging out in my pantry.
The wild rice gave me a bit of a hard time as far as plating the dish.
It in no way wanted to cooperate as far as any shape that I wished.
Do you think that is why they call it Wild Rice? I suppose not:)
But overall it ended up being a very sexy dish...

What you will need:

For the salad:
For the lettuce I used baby butter, mache and radicchio.
1 scoop wild rice
Sliced avocado
Mandarin orange slices
Sliced red and yellow bell peppers
Green and yellow beans, whole and raw
Greek feta cheese, crumbled
Candied walnuts

For the dressing:
Lemon curd
Sparkling sake, or sparkling juice
Splash of grapeseed oil
Splash of white balsamic vinegar

Mix above ingredients to desired consistency.
Serve on the side for dipping or pour directly onto salad...


This dish is being entered in The Festive Rice Event on Torview

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