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Our Guest Post on - Ancient Fire Wine

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The Ardent Epicure's
Guest Post on - Ancient Fire Wine

What's for Lunch? - Handmade Flour Tortillas,
Tomatillo Salsa and Fresh Guacamole 

We were pleased to do a Guest Post for Jason and Margot
over at Ancient Fire Wine. On their blog, they chronicle adventures in wine
making, food pairings and more. Jason is a Certified Sommelier, and there is a
list of award winning wines that have been produced. Please take a look here
for additional information on these award winning wines... 
P.S. There are also beers and pairing for them on their site.

So here to day I will leave you with a few photos, and we can stop
by to ask Jason for the best pairing :)

If you have never tried handmade tortillas, they are easy and quick.
Stop by our Guest Post to learn how and take a look around at some fun
and wonderful wine pairings and information at Ancient Fire Wine.


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