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Our Guest Post on - Chow and Chatter

Posted by Magic of Spice

The Ardent Epicure's
Guest Post on - Chow and Chatter 

Lead photo for the guest post (and a shamless plug of my art work, ha ha)

OK, so anyone that is even vaguely familiar with me knows that I get silly excited
whenever something special happens. And today as far as special events,
being invited by Rebecca Subbiah of Chow and Chatter  to do a Guest Post ...
Rebecca is one of our newer foodie friends, and we so love her site...
Can you see me gushing virtually? I can not begin to explain how honored we are :)
Now I am sure that most, if not all of you are already familiar with Chow and Chatter...
But for anyone who is not, please let me try to introduce Rebecca to you..
She is a Dietitian by credentials as well as the VP for Triad Guide .
And there so much more, including a Radio Show with Chow and Chatter.
As well as a Mom and Wife...(When I can barely handle posting, she does all of this)
How she has time for this, we may never know :)

The ingredient photo collage 

 If you are not already a fan,
you will be. Please stop by and say hello, and if you have time
 please check out our guest post. :) You will see the recipe for this dish,
 as well as a few unknown tidbits about the members of The Ardent Epicure :)

The finale in what sunshine there was...

So, here I have posted some of the additional photos...

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