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Espresso and Cocoa Cookie Sandwich

OK, remember a few days ago Sugar and Spice made these amazing
hazelnut white chocolate chunk cookies, and I begged him to make me 
a few special ones? Well special because he had to chill them quite a bit longer
so that they would be nice and soft, and he had to make them mega sized...
Well he did, because he loves me...
Or maybe because he did not want to hear me plead any longer?
If you missed it you will want to check out that recipe here.

So I have been on a bit of a mousse kick and thought I could prepare something 
special with a mousse and these scrumptious cookies.
I will admit I can not make cookies, in fact I am miserable at it...
I can burn them though :( I am even worse at the pre-made garlic breads,
you know the ones in the grocery store.
The only people that come running when I try that one is the fire department...
OK , so there are quite a few talents that I do not posses...
 I prefer to delve deeply into those that I can at least pass off with some pride:)

What you will need:

For the mousse
8 ounces chocolate 60% or more cocoa
4 tablespoons espresso and cream
2 tablespoons coffee liqueur
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, chilled and chunked
4 egg yolks
3 tablespoons caster sugar (fine grained)
1 pint heavy whipping cream, halved
2 large cookies, per sandwich
2 heat proof bowls
2 sauce pans that above bowls will fit neatly atop
1/2 banana per cookie sandwich, sliced  (optional)

For the whipped cream

2 tablespoons Aztec hot chocolate ~
a combination of cocoa, cinnamon,cayenne and sugar 
(I used in place of 2 tablespoons of sugar) 
1/2 pint heavy whipping cream

For garnish
Champagne grapes
Hot fudge
And of course the whipped cream

Let's get cooking:
For the mousse
In one of your heat proof bowls
Add chocolate/cocoa, butter, espresso/cream and coffee liqueur
Set over your pot of low boiling water
Stir until completely combined

In your second bowl set over a pot of low boiling water
Add egg yolks  and sugar, whisk until thickened about 5 minutes

Allow each of these mixtures to cool at room temperature
While they are cooling take you  1st 1/2 pint whipping cream
In a mixing bowl with a hand mixer or whisk, mix until softly peaked
Note: do not over mix, just allow to peak

Now combine your chocolate mixture with your egg mixture,
very gently until just combined
Add this to your whipped cream, just folding in to gently combine

For the whipped cream:
Take your remaining 1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream
Add your
Aztec hot chocolate powder
(or your own combination)
Whip with a hand mixer or whisk until you achieve a slightly firm peak

Putting it together
Lay one cookie bottom side up
Place sliced banana all around the perimeter
Layer with mousse, and place on top second cookie
Cut in half lengthwise
Place each halve on a desert plate then garnish
Drizzle with hot fudge, add your whipped cream
Top with champagne grapes and raspberries


This is going over to 2010 YBR over at Spicie Foodie

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