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What's for Dinner? - Fresh Lobster with Drawn Butter

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Five-Pound Monster Lobster
with Lemon and Clarified Butter

Lobster Claw

I was looking to make something special for dinner the other night, so after some discussion, we finally decided on lobster.  We went to a local Asian market that has fresh live seafood ranging from lobster to crabs, prawns, tilapia, clams, oysters, and more.  Everything looked beautiful, but the lobster is our kind of shellfish!  
We asked for two lobsters, and the fishmonger pulled out one male and one humongous, monster female (not that the male was not also large!)  Considering the size of these babies, I decided we only needed one, so we took the female, and he wrapped her up for us. She was a whopping five pounds!  Larger than our smaller cat.

Live Lobster

We took her home, and I placed her on a bed of ice, as you can see in the image.  The ice helps to calm her and put her into a semi-sleeping state.  Do not ever put a lobster in fresh or tap water without salt, since the saltwater lobster cannot live in this state, and will quickly die.

Lobster Lovin'

I brought a large stockpot of water with salt to a boil, leaving room for the lobster.  Once the water was at a raging boil, I carefully placed the lobster into the water (she did not fit well!), and placed the lid on the top, bringing it back to a boil.  It was cooked for approximately twenty-five to thirty minutes.
I served the lobster simply with fresh lemon juice and drawn butter.  It was absolutely delicious!  There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh lobster, and this one had enough meat to feed all four of us very well.  

Cooked Lobster

When you take a lobster out of the water, pay careful attention to its tail.  When cooking, the lobster's tail will curl under its body, and will stay that way during and after cooking.  If you have a cooked lobster with an unfurled tail, the lobster died before cooking.  Lobster meat goes bad extremely quickly, and they must be cooked alive.  Never eat a lobster that was dead before it was cooked.  Note that the one exception to this is if the lobster is killed by piercing it through the head immediately before cooking. 

Tail meat

As an interesting side note, this lobster was carrying eggs, and we were able to scoop the coral-colored roe out after cooking.  The lobster carries tens of thousands of eggs, only a small percentage of which have any chance of surviving in the wild waters.

Lobster Plate


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