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Project Food Blog - Challenge #1 - Who are we?

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Project Food Blog ~ "We"...Defined
Would so just love to leave this as the above photo, but that is not the challenge :)

So here we have the first of a potential 10 challenges:
We are to define ourselves as a food blogger as well as state what we think 
makes us unique in the food world...We will post a link when voting begins. You can see our profile here on Foodbuzz our official sponsor. 
So to start this off we will explain that "we" are a group of three. This group consists of three family members and we will introduce each individually in just a bit. 

Now on to the challenge of defining ourselves:
The Ardent Epicure ~ An Ode to the Pleasures of Food...

 Now although that may sum it would be far to easy, so we shall elaborate.
We believe in food not only as a sustenance, but as an art form. 
The flavors and textures experienced in the preparation as well as the indulgence, are in essence, a joy. Here is what defines us; unique pairings of flavor and texture...As well as taking you on a journey for the love of food. Through  this journey we explore this vast and beautiful world of fresh, primarily organic and real food. We offer original recipes with a creative edge for the most part...
Really, we just encourage you to "Play With Your Food" :)
To give a few descriptive references we will add  photos from dishes by each member...  

The classical technique of cooking live lobster  ~ Truffle Shuffle

The decedent world of cocoa truffles ~ Sugar and Spice

A trip to Farmers Market ~ Magic of Spice

So now here we are The Ardent Epicure: A portion of our family:
A Mother, Son and Son in-law happy to pass on our love of food ...

 Truffle Shuffle ~ Adam  
I have always had a passion for food.  Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to cook and play with various combinations of flavors.  The only thing I enjoy more than cooking is eating!  I grew up in an environment where food was considered to be more than just something to fill you up, but where the enjoyment of food and cooking was a way of life.  Like fine art, the limitless combinations of taste, smells, and textures available in the world of food can create something no less amazing than the greatest Renoir... Only meant to be enjoyed for a fleeting moment.  But the greatest are moments you will remember for a lifetime!  To me, searching for the best of those moments gives life a greater meaning.  If I can die eating an exceptional meal, I will die a happy man.

Sugar and Spice ~ Grely
I was born in the Philippines, and grew up with a mixture of both Filipino and American-style cooking .  In high school, baking Christmas cookies with a high school coach got me interested in baking, and I've been hooked ever since.  From the days of baking for pep rallies and making cookies to benefit special needs students at school, I have carried with me a love for baking that I enjoy sharing with others to this day.

Magic of Spice ~ Alisha
I was raised in a family full of the joys of food. My Dad you see was a Chef. From the time I was very young, food was meant to be seen as a treasure. A world of never ending possibitlities to behold. I am in essence a Chef raised by a chef. And a love for great food is a family tradition. A tradition passed on to my children. Traditions can be difficult in our society, as we have so much in the way of variety of culture. So we end up with new traditions, a melding of sorts. This in fact is my favorite thing about food, such a plyable art form with so many variences...A true wonder with a vastness of the stars themselves. Blending of flavors, textures and aromas...this is me, this is why I am here. And we are all hoping that you enjoy~

Family Night Dinner with The Ardent Epicure

So we hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about us...But as far as why we would make the next Food Blog Star? That would be completely up to you...
One thing we can say is the world of food enthusiasts, chefs, home based chefs, food artists and food writers that we have come to know and love, are among the most exceptional people we know...
Cheers to us all :)

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