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What's for Dessert? - Decadent Chocolate Truffles

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Smooth decedent chocolate that melts in your mouth literally...Need I say more! Actually there will be more. Sugar and Spice along with Magic of Spice have dreamed up something else with these beauties, coming soon:)


Half pound (8 ounces) of bittersweet dark chocolate (we used 85% cocoa dark chocolate)
1 cup of heavy cream (we used organic)
2 tbsp. butter (unsalted)
2.5 tablespoons of alcohol, your choice (we used Grand Marnier)

85% chocolate is very, very dark, and bitter.  If you want a sweeter truffle, use a less bitter chocolate, or even a semi-sweet chocolate, if you prefer.
Many types of spirits will do nicely in the truffles.  We love the taste of Grand Marnier, an orange-flavored liqueur, but amaretto, coffee liqueur, flavored rum, cognac, or any other heavy, sweet drink you like will work just fine).


Chop your chocolate, and place it in a mixing bowl.
Heat your cream over medium-low heat in a pot, add the butter, and heat until boiling.
Once the cream is boiling, immediately remove it from the heat, and pout the mixture into the chocolate.
Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then stir until fully incorporated.
Add the alcohol, and stir the chocolate mixture until it is smooth.
Cover the bowl and refrigerate overnight (or for at least three hours).
Once the mixture is chilled, use a small spoon to scoop out small amounts of chocolate, and use your hands to form them into balls, until you have truffles the desired size.  Don't worry, they don't need to be perfectly spherical!
If desired, roll the truffles (immediately after forming) in cocoa powder, powdered sugar, toasted nuts, coconut, or any other desired topping.  For this, we did half in bitter cocoa, and half in semi-sweet cocoa (mixed with powdered sugar).

Serve at room temperature, and enjoy!

Using high-quality chocolate will make all the difference in having rich, intensely chocolate-flavored truffles!
Truffle recipe by: Sugar and Spice
Photos by : Magic of Spice
Dialog: Truffle Shuffle

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