The Ardent Epicure

An Ode to the Pleasures of Food

Adult Cookies and Cream
And celebrating Awards :)

Lets start with the drink:
For this yummy concoction you will just need a few ingredients
and a blender :)  I will just list these for you and then move on to the really fun stuff...

What you will need:
1 bottle Kahlua coffee cream
2 shot glasses of Amaretto
3-4 Oreo ice cream cookie sandwiches 
1 cup ice
Whipped cream for topping
Just blend it all together until smooth...
See and you thought I could not make a short post...
OK, you were right, theres more :)

Since we have a few different awards here that we have been presented
with, and each ask to post 7 things about yourself. We will start there
and to make it fun, we will do one statement and a poll...
These are the poll questions to be answered by each member.
First: If only allowed to pick 2, what spice and/or herb would be a must have?
Second: What is your all time favorite food?

The Ardent Epicure's 7 things...
1. The Ardent Epicure - We grow our own herbs organically :)
2. Sugar and Spice - basil and nutmeg
3. Sugar and Spice - chocolate
4. Truffle Shuffle - cilantro and pepper
5. Truffle Shuffle - cheesecake
6. Magic of Spice - ginger and fleur de sal
7. Sushi - the real stuff - raw, seared is good too 

Before we get to the awards...Just a few things to all of you.
For all of our wonderful friends that take precious moments out of their day
to say hello...I have a song to dedicate to you, but I will have to display some lyrics.

The song is "Smile" by Uncle Kracker...

You´re better then the best
I´m lucky just to linger in your life
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me
Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok
And the moments when my good times start to fade
You make me smile like the sun
Even when you´re gone
Somehow you come along
Just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack and just like that
You steal away the rain and just like that
You make me smile like the sun
Don´t know how I lived without you
Cuz everytime that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile...:)

The Versatile Blogger award was pressented to us by 
I know you all know Drick, but let me just say a few words...
He has a site with the most scrumptious Cajun and Southern delights you will ever find.
Aside from that,or due to it...His dishes are a special delight for me, I can actually
smell them. Let me explain, you know that childhood sensory that we all have...
Yes that one...Well every dish he creates brings that up for me. See my Dad was a
chef, and the home cookin', well that was a special event 
and all about Southern, Cajun and Creole delights. These are things
 that our friend Drick is quite the master of. 
So there do not seem to be words enough to thank him for extending this
award to us... So very simply and humbly, we thank you Drick both for the award
and for all of the wonderful delights that you provide us with.  

In addition to the 7 need to thank the person that gave you
the award, and then extent the award(s) to up to 15 other bloggers you admire :)

For the Versatile Blogger award we extend this award to:
1. Darjeeling Dreams (English) Joyti, a visually stunning sight. The site showcases several photographers and Artist. The deserts and pastries are just amazing.
2. Teczcape-An escape to food (English) Hui, and the author of "Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook", and he is not kidding. Always amazing the dishes that are prepared, with the most fantastic of flavors.
3. Chef Wanabe (English) Anna, just a stunning and happy place to visit. The photography is gorgeous, and the dishes prepared match that beauty.
4. Saucy Dipper (English) Sara, OK this may seriously be the most fun you can have cooking. Always something delicious all wrapped up in a great time.
5. taste of beirut  (English) Joumana, here you will always find unique creative and beautiful dishes. She takes us on tours of Beirut and always delights with informative and cultural journeys.
6. Keep learning keep smiling (English) Mary, she is always exploring something new and taking us along. As well as introducing us to an array of her traditional, flavorful and colorful dishes. Always a beauty.
7. From donuts to delirium (English) HH, what can I say...I am sure that this much fun is illegal  somewhere :) Fantastic food, stories and reviews. 
8. la bella vita  (English) Roz, a journey through all things beautiful. 
9. Magic Flavours (English/Spanish) Ana, a journey through cultural delights brought about through food. Gorgeous flavors and always something unexpected :)
10. Mutfakultesi (Turkish/English) Deniz, this is very new site with lots to offer. From recipes and reviews to travel and always lovely :)

The Beautiful Blogger, Sunshine Award and Innovative Chef awards
were presented to us by Akheela of Torviewtoronto
Akheela comes to us from Canada and has a diverse menu for us to explore.
Her background comes to us from both Sri Lanka  and India. OK, so you know
there are some serious foodie delights here. Currently she has a Festive Rice Event
A fantastic fun event and give-away...a perfect example of how she manages
to change the ordinary into the fantastic. So to Akheela, we are so
appreciative and honored that you have passed these lovely awards on to us :)

For the Beautiful Blogger, Sunshine Award and Innovative Chef Awards,
we extend these awards to:
1. I Just Love My Apron (English) Tanantha, we have everything here. The most delightful of recipes, photography and so much more. One talented lady.
2. Spicie Foodie (English) Nancy, fantastic dishes and photography that makes you linger. An all around joy to behold. Everything is flawless but manages to present a friendliness and sense of wonder. 
3. La cocina de Angie (Spanish) Angie, even if you can not translate the recipes...The visual will give you all of the inspiration needed. Beautiful dishes that are a must. Luscious is a good word here. 
4. Angie's Recipes  (English) Angie, just the name Angie's Recipes sends me to a place of delight.For I know that what I am about to see will delight all of my senses. 
5. Anecdotes and Apple Cores (English) Monet, aside from the amazing array of baked goodies, innovative dishes and spectacular writing there is no reason to stop by. Well that is if you just hate delightful things...because that is all that you will ever find here...Amazing does not start to describe...
6. Korean American Mommy (English) Lisa, this lady does it all...Spectacular dishes for entertaining all the way to sit at home family dinners...Currently taking us through a tour of India (I am late but she will forgive me:). Always amazing.
7. Aux delices des gourmets (French) Fimere, Plus beaux! The attention to detail is exquisite, the dishes mouthwatering and the photos sublime. 
8. The Witchy Kitchen  (English) Stella, always healthy, always beautiful and always fun.  Oh, and always magical :)
9. Teenie Cakes  (English) Christina, gorgeous everything...Desserts to die for, unique and delightful dishes plus some serous photography...Beauty is a good word here.
10. Quickies on the dinner table  (English) Denise, one of the most expansive sights with just about everything. The photography is always stunning, and the dishes are always mouthwatering. She provides us with recipes that are quick and easily prepared, but oh so elegant...
  So again, thank you all!
Adam, Gely and Alisha

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