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What's for Snack Time? - Delicious Apple Fries!

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Apple Fries with Vanilla Whipped Cream

A couple of years back, my partner and I took our nieces and nephews to Legoland, a theme park near San Diego, California.  While there, we stopped at a snack stand and ordered apple fries.  What came out was a surprisingly scrumptious snack that left us craving more... And left me craving a recipe!
What I was able to find online was mostly other people that wanted to snag that recipe, but no one that seemed to know how it was made!  Eventually, I was able to locate a video of a chef who was making a similar dish with some French-style apple fries.  I decided to make my own version, similar to the ones we had at the theme park that day.  What came out was surprisingly close, and this makes a quick and fairly easy but delicious snack or dessert for kids and adults alike.

About five or six apples.  I used Granny Smith, as they add a nice tartness to the fries.  However, if you prefer something that is a little more sweet, you can really use any fresh, hard apple (don't use ones that are becoming mushy, as they will not hold up well).
Cornstarch (about half a container), to coat the apples.
A large bottle of cooking oil for deep frying.  I used canola oil, but you can use vegetable oil, peanut oil, or any other oil suitable for high-heat frying.
A small container of whipping cream.
About a tablespoon of vanilla extract or vanilla paste.
Powdered sugar (to taste)
A mixture of granulated sugar and powdered cinnamon.  How much cinnamon to add is your choice, but I probably used about a tablespoon to one cup of sugar.

If you have a deep fryer, that would be the best way to fry the fries.  However, if you can't fry the fries with a fryer, you can consult your local friar and see how he frys his fries without a fryer.... Or just use a pot!  What I used was a medium pot.  Put the whole bottle of oil in (make sure you leave a couple of inches of space for popping oil) and set the heat as high as it will go.

First, make your dipping sauce.  You can create any sort of sauce you like, but I made a simple vanilla whipped cream to keep with the recipe we had at the theme park.  Just whip a contain of whipping cream until it reaches a whipped cream texture, then mix in as much vanilla as you like.  Add powdered (confectioner's) sugar a little at a time, until you reach the desired sweetness.  I like mine a bit less sweet, but the kids may like it sweeter.

Core and skin your apples.  This is a great place for the kids to help.
Next, slice the apples however you prefer.  I cut them into pretty thin strips, similar to what we had before.  However, you can make larger home fry-style fries, or cut them however makes you happy!
Coat the apple pieces completely in cornstarch, making sure they are entirely covered.  Then, shake off as much excess cornstarch as possible.  Unless your apples are dry and sad, the proper amount should stick.

Test your oil with one fry, and make sure that it is extremely hot, like a fryer.  If so, place a small handful in at a time, and fry until golden brown.  Don't use too many, or they will not cook evenly.
Place fried apple fries on a plate covered in paper towels to dry.
Once they are done, place them in a bowl with some of the cinnamon and sugar mixture, and toss until they are coated lightly.  Take the fries out and leave the residual sugar.

Serve the fries immediately after coating, dip in the whipped cream, and enjoy!  I hope you like these as much as we did.

Thank you to Legoland for the idea, and to celebrity chef Jason Hill for the recipe pointers.

Truffle Shuffle-Adam

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