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Farmers' Market Finds, Organics and Foodie Friends

Posted by Magic of Spice

Farmers' Market Finds, 
Organics and Foodie Friends 

What could be better then finding a new Farmers' Market that has certified
organics, as well as a cheese selection like pictured above? Wait I know...
shopping with friends :) My friend Priscilla of She's Cookin' and I spend this
 past Sunday at a local Farmers' Market in New Port Beach. Some of you
may remember that we spent an afternoon awhile back at a different
market that left a bit to be desired.There were some nice finds, but the
selection was limited and not heavy on the organics. This market was just
the opposite, in fact we had several storms that weekend and Sunday was
expected to be the same.Luckily we ended up with clear blue skies later that
morning. But with rain expected a few vendors did not attend, impressive
never the less and I can not wait to see what the full market has to offer.

So let's explore just a bit about my cheese selection from a local vendors
cheese stand at the market. Picnics Fine Foods is a full service catering,
deli and fine foods grocery. Here is a link to their website.

My Artisan cheese selections:

Pierce Point - organic cows milk
Semi-firm with a creamy texture
The cheese is washed in a Muscato wine, rolled in dried
 herbs and grasses then aged for three weeks.
Imparting a delicately complex layer of flavors
The cheese is only produced during the Fall and Winter
 Seasons in California by Cowgirl Creamery

Fromager Des Clarines - cows milk "mountain milk"
Served at room temperature has a thick creamy texture.
Generally served directly in the wood-chip box.
The cheese is aged for about four months and
has deep white truffle flavors and the texture of
thick creamy butter. If you enjoy aged Brie, this is for you.
Produced in France by Jean Perrin

Etude - goat’s milk
A hard firm textured cheese
Aged for about six months and has a surprisingly
smooth milky flavor, mild and nutty with a bit of
a tangy after note.
Produced in California by Andante Dairy

Rondo - goat and cow's milk cheese.
A very soft-ripened cheese with an herbed rind.
At room temperature you can see in the photo above,
the cheese becomes very creamy and soft.
With a full, bright and slightly sharp palate.
Produced in California by Andante Dairy

We found the most amazing selection of local honeys as well.
I did not get an abundance of information on the honeys produced,
but the selection was quite large. There were two selections that
really caught our attention~ Avocado Honey and the Buckwheat...
 Bee Ladies Local Honey -
If you are local to Orange County California or near by, you may
want to contact them for information on these unique and tasty honeys. 

And of course some gorgeous vegetables worth the trip themselves.
These gorgeous heirloom carrots straight from the ground (mud and all).
The photo does not do their striking and vibrant colors justice, and will
surely liven up any salad or dish they grace. And sitting in the very next bin,
pea shoots or pea greens. Have you ever tried them? They are a lovely
addition raw and added to a crisp salad. They can also be lightly sautéed
or just wilted with a splash of fresh citrus and your favorite spices.
They are also loaded with carotenes, antioxidants and vitamin k.

But the very best thing about a foodie day with a friend?
You can you the ability to try out many new items
with out worry of waste. Just load em up, then split em up :)
The Newport Beach Farmers' Market

And if you missed our Guest Post with Spicie Foodie and her new cookbook see it here.

Alisha-Magic of Spice

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