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Food Tip - Scrambling Eggs

Posted by Truffle Shuffle

Scrambling Eggs

Eggs a great source of nutrients, and are delicious to boot.  The scrambled egg is one of the simplest preparations, as well as one of the most popular (as well as one of my favorites).  However, with this simplicity can come a lot of hasty, poorly-made scrambled eggs.  Here are a few tips to make sure your scrambled eggs come out perfect and tasty every time.
First , make sure you have high-quality eggs.  I always use organic, free range eggs.  Make sure they are fresh and are not broken before-hand.  Also, when making your eggs, pay attention to egg shells; no one likes to bite on a piece of shell in the middle of a pile of fluffy scrambled eggs!
Crack your eggs into a bowl or cup, and add a tiny bit of oil (I use olive oil or canola oil), as well as a splash of milk or half and half.  Whisk the eggs a bit until they are well mixed.  

Next, set your pan on the stove, and set the burner to medium-high heat.  Add enough oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan, and give the oil a minute to warm up.
Pour the egg mixture into the pan, and immediately begin to stir it.  For this, I use a small spatula.  Any kind will work, but I prefer a wooden one with a flat edge.
The idea is to not let any egg that begins to stick to the bottom of the pan to sit for more than a couple of seconds without being scraped off.  If you tend to this the whole time, constantly stirring and scraping, you will come out with perfect eggs that are not overcooked.

Once the eggs have taken a more solid shape, and are loosing the shiny wet look, add any cheese or other ingredients you plan on adding (or just leave them plain).  Let them sit for a few seconds, flip the whole thing over, and do the same on the other side, just to make sure they aren't wet.
Transfer your eggs to a dish, and garnish with sea salt, freshly-ground pepper, and any spices or herbs you like on your eggs.  For these eggs, I used some black pepper, a seasoning mixture, and a little bit of delicious truffle salt.  I also added a bit of a shredded cheese blend.
That's all you need to have perfect eggs every time!  Just remember, if you pay close attention to your eggs, they won't take long, and you won't have burnt or undercooked eggs.  Eggs are very temperamental and jealous, and they require your undivided attention!  Constant movement and scraping will result in pristine scrambled eggs.


Truffle Shuffle

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