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Baked Brie Croissants with Cranberry 
Sauce and Awards

There are a few awards here today, and as many of you know
 Awards=Desserts :)
This is such an easy but delightful dessert...Or breakfast even ;)
I actually am insane over Baked Brie and I have served them loaded
with sautéed mushrooms or fresh garden herbs, but never fruit??? Well
it all started with an innocent shopping trip. I was just minding my own business
trying to hurry past the cheese case...when there they were, these perfectly
adorable mini wheels of baby Brie. I instantly thought of my fresh cranberries
 I already had waiting at home, then thoughts of baked Brie filled my mind.
I can't help it, really I was born this way :) And if you have never made your
own cranberry sauce, you really must and it is so easy...

What you will need:
For the cranberry sauce
1/2 cup black cherry juice, or other juice
1/2 cup water
1 cup raw sugar
12 ounces fresh whole cranberries
A dash of nutmeg and cinnamon, ground
Small sauce pan

For the Brie
4 mini brie wheels
2 sheets prepared puff pastry
A sprinkle of brown sugar
A small pat of butter for each, melted
Lined baking sheet

Let's get baking:
For the cranberry sauce
Place juice, water and sugar in your sauce pan.
Cook on medium/high heat until sugar has completely melted.
Add additional spices, stir until incorporated.
Add cranberries and reduce the heat just a bit, stir occasionally.
Continue to cook for about 10 minutes or so, until cranberries split
and sauce begins to thicken just a bit. Place in a bowl and refrigerate
until completely cool and thickened.

For baked brie croissants:
Prepare your puff pastry dough as instructed by the label.
With a sharp knife, remove just the very top rind of each wheel of brie.
Cover each brie top with chilled cranberry sauce.
Working on a piece of parchment paper, lay out one section of your
 puff pastry dough. Place brie wheel rind side down on dough section.
Fold dough up sides until just reaching the edge with a slight overlap.
Place additional dough section over the top and lightly press to bottom edge.
Place on lined baking sheet then cover tops with a bit of melted butter
and a sprinkle of brown sugar. *See photo above
Bake in a 350 (F) degree oven for about 20 minutes,
or until just golden and flaky.

The Awards
We have a few more awards to share with you here today :)
I am going in the order received, and as previously established
with No Rules attached... We will be sharing these awards with fellow
bloggers that we enjoy for various reasons. Many sites has stunning
photography, recipes and/or wonderful stories to brighten our days.
But there is something else they all share, and that is Spirit.
They share their warmth and support for their fellow bloggers in
many delightful ways. So here we would like to continue this.

From Fimer

Fimer is the author of a most amazing site  Aux délices des gourmets
I am sure many if not all of you are already acquainted. The site is in French 
and is the epitome of food as art. Every recipe unfolds with a brilliance and
mouthwatering experience, a most definite delight for the senses. Please stop
by and take a look for yourself, you will leave most happy that you did :)
Fimer, nous remercions vous donc beaucoup pour ce prix 
Thank you,
Alisha, Adam and Grely

For these two awards we would like to extent them to:
Pippi of io...cusi come sono (Italian)
Federica of Noteficioccoloto (Italian)
Zuetonka of Don't worry, be happy (bulgarian)
Natale of Canela Kitchen (English/Spanish)

From Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the author of  Food and Thrift Finds
First and foremost Elizabeth is a genuinely delightful lady...
Every post if filled with love and enthusiasm, plus some seriously great food.
She does some amazing flavor packed veggie dishes, and we know how I like that.
Plus, she collects some amazing goodies that she finds in various Thrift Shops...
and takes up shopping with her too :) Again, I know many of you already know her
but for any of you that do not...just pop on over and have a great time :)
Elizabeth we thank you so much for honoring us with this award...
Alisha, Adam and Grely

For these two awards we would like to extent them to:
Claudia of Foodessa
Bonnie of Sweet Life
Juliana of Simple Recipes 
Karen of Tasty Trials 
Melissa of The Hungry Artist 
Emme of Food Samba 
Erin of EKat's Kitchen 
Amanda of Baking Without A Box  
Aipi of US Masala 
Evan of Sweets 
Akheela of Torview  
Please take a moment to stop by, they are all wonderful blogs and blog owners :)

Enjoy~  Alisha-Magic of Spice

This recipe is being entered into Novembers YBR
on Spicie Foodie...

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