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10:29 AM

An Interview With The Ardent Epicure

Posted by Magic of Spice

An Interview With The Ardent Epicure, 
on Spicie Foodies "My Favorite Foodies Series"

My lovely and talented friend Nancy has launched a new series in which
 she will be interviewing some of her favorite foodies out in the blogosphere. 
Nancy runs one of the most amazing blogs out there Spicie Foodie . Where
she serves up "Healthy, fresh and delicious recipes to spice up your kitchen" 

When Nancy first approached me with this idea, I of course thought it 
was brilliant and would so steal it if it would not be so obvious :)

But on a more serious note, I am both flattered as well as honored to
have the opportunity to share a bit more about myself and TAE through
my cherished friend Nancy.

Please join us...


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