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Candied Ginger, 
Baked Asian Pears and Awards

Candied ginger makes a delightful snack and is frequently utilized
in our kitchen for a flavorful add of spiciness to many delectable dishes.
Although on this occasion I have prepared these cut into slices, you can
prepared them in straw like strips or cubes depending on your preference.

Now I know we have awards and I did prepare a dessert. No recipe really
required for this one...I just took a couple of Asian pears and split them down the
middle, scooped out the core area and drizzled with honey.  I baked them until just
 tender, about 40 minutes. I took some mascarpone cheese, honey, ground ginger,
ground cinnamon, and a bit of allspice. Placed a couple of tablespoon of the mixture
 into the cavity of each pear, returned to the oven until cheese was bubbly...
then served with candied ginger :)

As for the left over ginger water, not to worry there are multiple uses for this treat.
Perhaps a ginger tea with lemon and fresh mint? Just dilute the ginger water with
desired amount of boiling water and prepare as desired. Or the liquid can be
frozen for later uses, such as soups or sauces...

What you will need:
Fresh ginger, peeled and sliced
Granulated sugar
Parchment paper
Wire cooling rack

To prepare:
There are no specific measurements other than equal amounts of sugar
to equal amount of cooked ginger. *I will give an approximate scenario below.

Begin by peeling and slicing your ginger root. It is easiest to use a mandoline,
however as long as your slices are uniform in thickness you can use a sharp knife.
Slices should be between 1/8th and 1/4 of an inch in thickness. Now place sliced
ginger in a non reductive sauce pan large enough to accommodate the amount of
ginger you wish to prepare. Cover with enough fresh water to cover ginger completely,
 bring to a boil over a medium/high heat then reduce heat to simmer about 15
minutes. Drain and weigh your ginger at this point, setting aside an equal weight of
 sugar. Return the  par-boiled ginger to the pan and add required amount of water
 (see below).
Bring ginger back to a simmer on medium/low heat until tender, about 30-40 minutes.
Drain liquid into a bowl and set aside. Place sugar and measured amount of ginger
liquid back in pan on medium heat, stir until sugar has dissolved.  Add ginger
and simmer until most of the liquid is reduced.
In the meantime, place a piece of parchment paper on cutting board and
sprinkle a good amount of sugar on top. Once ginger is ready use tongs
and carefully place ginger, a few pieces at a time on sugar to coat. Coat both
sides then place on cooling rack until completely cooled. Repeat until all ginger
slices are coated with sugar.
Approximative measuring base: 8 ounces ginger, 8 ounces sugar and 1/8th cup
reserved ginger liquid. Adjust amounts based on amount of ginger being used.

The Awards

We received the 360º Foodie Award and A Fabulous Blog Award
from our amazingly talented friend Victoria of Mission Food.
Victoria has the most wonderful passion and exuberance which shines
post after post. If you have not yet met I seriously encourage you to stop
by to say hello. You will find everything from the most delectable of dishes,
food experiments and trials, to honest and direct reviews. This is one talented
lady, and I am so very pleased to have had the chance to get to know.
Thank you so much for sharing these awards with us, this is such an honor.

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award comes to us from Elizabeth
of Food and Thrift Finds. Elizabeth is another member of our community that shares
with us a wealth of both experience and passion. She also has a deep love for dishes
reminiscent of her heritage and shares these as well as others with open arms. So if you
have yet to meet, please stop by I promise you will have a great time...Thank you so
 much for including me in your recipients of this award, again I am honored.

We received The Stylish Blogger Award from a few lovely foodie friends...
Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, Joyce has a wonderful blog that I find endless enjoyment
in reading . Her unique and original dishes are truly wonderful as are her lovely and
fresh treats from her garden. She also has a lovely gardenting site
  My Little Potted Garden that you will surely enjoy, please stop by and say hello :)
Thank you so much Joyce for sharing this honor with us.

Abeer from Cake Whiz, Abeer is a talented baker and gives the most fantastic
step by step instructions. Each creation is an amazement for the eye as well as the
sweet tooth ;) She is a newer member of our fantastic community and someone I
encourage you to pay a visit to. Thank you so much Abeer for your sweet and
thoughtfulness in passing on this honor.

Raven of Ravie NomNoms, Raven is another multi talent here in our foodie
world. She shares a diverse love of all things food, as well as being a talent
in the dancing world. Currently she has a fantastic detox menu going on that
you won't want to miss. It is detailed and sectioned out so that it is easy to follow,
and probably a pretty good idea for all given the Holidays then Valentines ;)
There is always something enjoyable on the menu so stop by to say hello.
Thank you so much Raven for sharing this honor with us.

And One Lovely Blog Award from the lovely Alex of Dear Love Blog.
Alex is a newer friend, but like all of us has a passioned voice in our foodie world.
And on top of this I must mention that she is also a vegetarian that cooks meat...
I thought I was alone ;) So as you can see her sense of adventure holds no bounds!
Please stop by and introduce yourself, she is a pleasure. Thank you so much Alex
for extending this award on to us, it is indeed an honor to be shared...

As a final note, I will be passing on awards but one award at a time so that no one
gets lost in the shuffle. However I wanted to take a some time to thank those whom
graciously awarded us and intoduce you if you have not already met.

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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