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What's for lunch? An Organic Gardener's Salad

Posted by Magic of Spice

An Organic Gardener's Salad 
 with a Citrus Dressing

Spring is here...even though Southern California started it of with a massive storm.
Regardless this salad came about and my garden was more than happy to indulge.
Now the citrus were actually organic market finds, and I encourage you to use what
ever fresh and wonderful ingredients you have available to you. This is of course not
an actual recipe but more of an ode to the fresh wonders of spring, so use
what ever you have available to you  :)

A quick note...the mint here is Apple Mint, and it has a glorious fruity aroma
as well as taste, but unlike the Pineapple Mint and here featured before it does have
 a mint like taste and your palate will let you know upon the initial meeting.

What I used:

For the salad
Young Rainbow chard,
 (leaves and stems sliced)
Arugula leaves, trimmed
Baby romaine leaves
Baby cucumbers, thinly sliced
Baby kiwi, halved
Lavender flowers
Apple mint leaves
Orange bell pepper, sliced

For the dressing
Fresh lemon juice
Fresh orange juice
Fresh lime juice
Sunflower oil
A pinch of ground pepper
A pinch of Fleur de sel
(2 parts oil to 1 part juices)

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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