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What's on the side? Brandy Dipped Citrus Salad

Posted by Magic of Spice

A Brandy Dipped Citrus Salad with
Fresh Fennel and Avocado

The citrus of choice here includes Blood Oranges, Clementines and
Kumquates...I also had some fresh fennel that I added to this sort of
grown up salad, along with some ripe avocado...A lovely blend of
flavors and textures that I find so delightful and hope you do as well. I
added a quick grind of cardamom, white pepper and pinch of sea salt.

A note about the flavors:  The fennel has a quaint licorice sent and flavor
similar to what you would akin to anise. The Kumquats are quite small and
have a sharp tangy citrus flavor, quite tart in fact. The Clementines are
 tangy like a  Tangerine but a bit sweeter, depending on Season of course.
 The Blood Orange has a deeper flavor and somewhat reminiscent 
of a berry. They are all a lovely combination but whatever 
you have available works... 

What you will need:
Per salad
1 blood orange, sliced
1/2 clementine, sliced
2 kumquats, halved
1/8th avocado, sliced
Small bowl of brandy for dipping
Spray bottle of grapeseed oil
A pinch of cardamom, white pepper and sea salt

What you do:
Slice both the blood oranges and clementines removing rind. Slice fennel
to about 1/8th inch cross wise of the bulb. Halve kumquats lengthwise.
Dip each piece of citrus into a small bowl containing brandy. Layer on individual
plates with fennel being the first layer. Then the larger citrus coming next, should
be the blood oranges, etc. Top with you kumquat slices then avocado slices.
Spray the salad with grapeseed or other light oil.

So color yourself Spring, whatever colors they may be!

Alisha~Magic of Spice

YBR April 2011

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