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Poached Spiced Rum Plum Stacks
with Mascarpone and Awards

This is a very simple but fun way to serve fruit and a cheese dessert.
And awards as you may already know if reading us here for awhile,
come with a dessert :) So today I have prepared something simple,
fresh and just a tad on the sassy side...

What you will need:

6 fresh plums, sliced and pitted
1 cup spiced dark rum
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 whole vanilla bean, split
1 cinnamon sick
1 pinch nutmeg, ground
1 pinch cardamon, ground
6 ounces mascarpone cheese
6 large mint leaves,chiffonade style
Dark chocolate or cocoa shavings, optional
Large sauté pan with lid

Let's get cooking:

Start by adding rum, water, butter, honey, lemon juice and spices to a
large pan. Bring liquid just to a boil, then reduce heat to medium/low and
add plum slices. Cover and simmer for about 15 minutes or until firm but tender.

Note: When slicing the plums it is easies to slice in half running from the navel
portion the around. Remove the pit and then slice into circles like above, as
thinly and uniformly as possible. This will prevent some slices from over or
under cooking.

Once your plums are done, lay them out individually on a flat clean surface.
Allow them to reach room temperature before spreading on the mascarpone,
like you would frost a multi layer cake. Place a layer on mint chiffonade on
top of alternating plum/cheese slices. Now begin to stack them, leaving the
final layer topped with cheese. It is best to place a toothpick through the
center and allow to sit for a few minutes, then remove before serving.
Garnish with additional mint and chocolate shavings if desired.

The Awards

We were honored with this wonderful group of awards by two very amazing
 bloggers. First we received these from Jan the author of I Love, Therefore I Cook.
Jan is a lawyer by day and a serious foodie by night. Her site is full of enthusiasm,
passion and humor. And if that were not enough, how about "Jan’s Cupcakery".
Thats right she is on her way to fame in the cupcake world :)

Next we received these awards from Jill the author of Mad about Macrons,
 both the site as well as the Book. Aside from mastering everyones favorite
treats she provides us with wonderful recipes of both savory and sweet, plus
she takes us with her all around Paris...even to those gorgeous markets!

Then we received The Stylish Blogger Award from my favorite Cajun cooking beauty
 Marguerite the author of Cajun Delights . I let me tell you delights is right on target,
Wow! There is always great food, music and dancing...then more great food :)
As Marguerite would say, stop on over and let the good times begin, cest bon, cher!

This group of lovely awards came to us from a new friend Cooking Rookie 
author of Cookbook of Trial and Error. A beautiful site, with even more
beautiful food. What I am loving the most so far is her willingness to experiment
and continue to stretch herself. If you are not yet acquainted please stop by :)

A warm and heartfelt thank you to each of you, from all
The Ardent Epicure Team!
Please take a moment to stop by these wonderful sites
and see some passioned food lovin'...

Alisha~Magic of Spice 

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