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Chocolate Cocktails 
and A Tale of Three Cocoas

Happy Memorial Day to all from all of us here at TAE...
We are hoping everyone is having a safe and wonderful extended weekend,
 with all of the amazing food and wonders that anyone could ever dream of.

Now let's talk cocoa...
Starting with the photo far left, we have a traditional cocoa or sipping 
chocolate.This one makes a splendid hot cocoa when added to warm milk 
and a bit of sweetener. 

The middle photo displays our Mayan Cocoa, a luxurious blend of
Dutch cocoa, chile pepper, cinnamon and vanilla powder. A serious 
delight for all of us savory/sweet lovers. 

Our first photo displays our Black Onyx Dutch Cocoa, this is an alkalized 
cocoa powder that has a rich and beautiful purple/black huge. This cocoa powder
is lower in fat than that of traditional cocoas and is recommended as a 25-50%
blend with a traditional cocoa.

Along with our  honey powder the Black Onyx Cocoa as well as the wonderful
Mayan Cocoa can be found by all of our Southern California Coast residents.

Savory Spice Shop
928 Avocado Ave 
Corona del Mar, CA 92660
949. 717.7776

For our wonderful Non-California residents, have no fear there will be 
a full preview on everything this amazing Spice Shop has to offer,
including online orders...

What you will need:

1 pint vanilla bean ice cream
1 bottle Baileys Irish cream liqueur
6-7 ounces cream coffee liqueur
(or espresso with cream)
1 tablespoon mayan cocoa
1 tablespoon traditional cocoa
1 teaspoon black onyx cocoa
Whipped cream and honey powder for garnish
Blender and 4 cocktail glasses

Notes: with this blend you will have a creamy initial palette with 
an after shock of spicy notes and a lingering peppery/sweet feel. 
Serves 6

I would also like to introduce you to an amazing Foodie Venture
going on right now...My lovely friend Devaki has a special
adventure for all of the Food Lovers across the continents...
a Sicilian food journey, take a peek :)

Alisha ~ Magic of Spice

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