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Choya Cocktails, Friends and Awards

I want to tell you a bit about this cocktail...for one many of you as myself
may not be familiar with Choya...second this is not my cocktail recipe. 
Some of you may be wondering exactly why I am posting a recipe not
of my own creation? I have a very good excuse for this I promise.

 You see this cocktail was presented to me by a wonderful friend out there
 in this big beautiful world of foodies on the blogosphere. This wonderful
lady is Shirley of Shirley's Luxury Haven . Shirley, if you are not already
familiar, has a "Black Belt in Shopping", and she is not kidding. She rules
her site from Singapore but brings us goodies from all over the world. What
 to get and at what price is where she shows, "the best" and the
 "don't want to waste your time" they are all listed  for you to explore.

Do not, and I repeat do not travel without her :)
Plus there is a lovely array of tasty recipes to be found here...
So today I have tried to re-create this wonderful cocktail and share
it here with all of you. So of course I was able to indulge and believe
me when I say...I want another!

Choya is a brand that produces Umeshu a Japanese liqeur made from the
 ume fruit, closely related to the apricot that we are familiar with here in
the States. Appearance wise is like that of a fruity white wine and
a taste has both a sweetness and slight hint of sour.

I had to adjust this a bit based on what I had available. Since I could
not find Apple Cider, I infused an organic unfiltered apple juice with
mulling spices by allowing the spices to steep in the warmed juice for
about 10 minutes and then re-chilled. Next I did not have the mint tea
to add to the rim, as I wanted to come as close as possible to the
original flavors I merely  added fresh mint leaves to some fine natural
sugar for several days to impart the mint flavors. 

What you will need:
Recipe from - Shirley's Luxury Haven

(.34 ounces) 10ml Apple Cidar 
(.51 ounces) 15ml Choya 
1 Ume (from the Choya bottle)
Top with Champagne 
Add Peppermint Tea to rim

Shirley's Note: For less alcoholic content,
substitute Champagne with Sprite.
My Note: I so did not follow Shirley's note and
full on topped off with a French bubbly :)

Serving size: 1 cocktail
Thank you my lovely!

The Awards
The following award was bestowed on us by Chris of Gourmet Fashion.
a new friend that we have come to enjoy a multitude of treats from.

When you visit this site you will find a wonderful variety of fresh and usually
organic goodies to feast upon. Along with this you will get recipes with
fantastic step by step instructions, restaurant reviews and more.
Thank you so much Chris for this honor...

These next awards are from my lovely Marguerite of Cajun Delights.
And delights are exactly what you will find here...oh and I mean delights!

Les meilleurs délices! Et la musique, si bien...Basically every delight you
can dream of and some amazing Cajun music to accompany it. If you are
ever in the mood for some Cajun wonders, please stop on by!
Thank you so much mon cher...I am blessed.

Then we have a wonderful group of awards from Jay at Tasty Appetite.
On Jay's site you will catch her enthusiasm and love for food instantly.
Indian food is a specialty here, and every recipe is new and wondrous...
Especially to a lover of these amazing flavors that has no expertise
within said cuisine. Always lovely and bright, so if you are not yet
acquainted take a tour and say hello.
Thank you so much the honor of the awards... 

I would like to express a huge amount of gratitude to everyone above
for having me and our site in their thoughts. 

Alisha ~ Magic of Spice

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