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Avila Valley Barn Shopping
~ Part One

This past weekend we were in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast
of California. Although we did not get much of a chance to roam
around as we were there for a wedding. We did however make
a stop in Avila Beach on our way back. 

The Avila Valley Barn is located in a woodsy area of Avila Beach.
The Barn is a charming, well barn, that is reminiscent of an old time
country market. You can find everything from fresh local fruits and
 vegetables to fresh baked goods and everything in between.
Think Farmers' Market on  steroids...

The fruit and vegetable selections are all locally grown with many from the
fields surrounding the Barn itself. They are open seasonally from
May through December and offer U-Pick Farm were you can
pick your own seasonal treasures.

We did pick up a few of our own treasured items which included
Lemon Cucumbers and Dapple Fire Pluots.

These pluots are a cross between nectorine, apricot and plum.
The skin is bright red and a bit speckled with yellow. The flesh is a creamy yellow
and the flavor is sweeter than a traditional plum but maintains the tart skin.

The lemon cucumbers receive their name based on the shape and color
 of the cucumbers. They are a mild tasting cucumber with a thinner
skin that more traditional varieties and can be used in any way
you would normally prepare them.

Avila Valley Barn
560 Avila Beach Drive • San Luis Obispo CA 93405
805.595.2810 or 805.595.2816

And of course I made a snack :)
I prepared a simple Lemon Cucumber, red onion and garden tomato salad
adding some fresh lemon balm and chive also from my garden.  Then tossed
in a simple citrus and grapeseed dressing with sea salt and ground pepper.

Then we prepared a Fiesta Dip mix and served along side
Rosemary and Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers and Baked Okra Chips

Stay tuned for Part Two were we will talk about some of the
other wonderful things that you will find at
The Avila Valley Barn

I  wanted to add a quick update here...a few weeks ago I submitted
a recipe to Spicie Foodie in a Spiced Up Dish Contest and
my Tropical Fajitas won :) Please take a moment to stop
by and see my winning recipe Guest Post

Alisha ~ Magic of Spice

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