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Simply Roasted Tomatoes with Bonne
 Bouche Cheese and a Winner

This is the time of year we could all use a little help, most specifically in the
"time saving category". We also need to offer up a few tasty appetizers to our
guests and family while they await the main event. Or perhaps, we need
something to sustain us while we Prepare, Plan and Panic!
OK, maybe the panic part is just me...

There are a few other areas we may need to consider as well.
  One, will it look like I spent time and thoughtful consideration with this?
Two, will people be able to use their fingers if I run out of mini utensils?
  Three, will this be flavorful enough, yet not overstimulate the palette
 and over stuff the tummies? Why yes, yes they can!

 Our tomato selection today are the beautifully, and uniquely colored Kumato.
Their color is actually wonderful intermixture of deep green, brown and red.
The Kumato, not to be confused with the Heirloom California Black Velvet,
 as they are very similar in color, is a specialty tomato harvested
 by select growers.

The tomatoes are grown and harvested in several different countries including
 Canada and Mexico. Aside from their intriguing color combination, they are
 considerably sweeter than the typical tomato. This is due to a naturally produced
 higher rate of fructose. Along with this slightly more intense sweetness, a subtle
 but noted tartness is present. The flavor is wonderfully balanced with a juicy
 firm flesh making them ideal for roasting, as well as any other preparation.

As for our cheese we have the ultra creamy Bonne Bouche, produced in Vermont
 on small family owned farms. The name derives from the French term pronounced
 "Bun Boooosh" or "a good mouthful", and this my friends you will want...

A fresh goats milk cheese that is hand ladled with a unique rind that has been
sprinkled with poplar ash before aging. They are aged for about 10 days and
can mature up to 45 days. The rind has a mild sweetness to it, and has a
softer more palatable texture than many similar cheeses. While the body
being incredibly smooth and creamy, with heighten notes of floral,
 citrus and just a hint of nuttiness.

What you will need:
8 ripe Kamato
Olive oil for drizzle
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
4 ounces Bonne Bouche
fleur de sel if desired

Let's get roasting:
Begin by slicing tomatoes into quarter wedges. Place on a baking
sheet and drizzle with olive oil, then freshly ground pepper.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees (f) for 15-20 minutes.
Remove from oven, arrange on a dish or platter, allowing to cool slightly.
 Place a slice of cheese on each warm roasted tomato, sprinkle with a bit of
fleur de sel and serve warm.
Serves 8

So now on to our winner :)
Congratulations to Reem, the winner of the

2012 Spicie Foodie Calendar
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