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A Chat with Pretty Paris and a
 Custom Vintage Flatware Giveaway

Some things are just beautiful aren't they...I mean the types of things
that make us feel warm and cozy, and maybe just a tad more special.

Things like warn old sweaters and boyfriend jeans, or maybe an old
book that you read over and over, but still can't put down.

Today we have a special honor of chatting with Heather Tarp of Pretty Paris.
She is going to tell us a little bit of what is behind these beauties.

Pretty Paris Logo

TAE•Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind Pretty Paris?

Heather*I just love anything old, worn, chippy, or shabby! I can look at a box of
 beautiful vintage flatware and see the beauty in it like most people would look at a
 box of jewels. They are gorgeous to me…the patterns, flowers, and scrolls are so
 unique. I never thought I could fall in love with vintage flatware
…but I have!

Most importantly I am a mom to twins and I wanted to stay home with them
 while still fulfilling the creative side of me. The part of me that is not just "mom"
 ....but the part that is still "me". Pretty Paris was created from a love of many
 different things...but mostly from the love of my family.

TAE•I noticed that “vintage” is a key word on your page. 
Tell us a bit about the materials you use and why?

Heather*I use vintage ( 1910's to 1950's) silver plated flatware. There is such beauty
 in the patterns from that time frame. Plus the silver plate gets such a nice patina to it
...especially when it is left outdoors. I think it is just lovely!

TAE•You mention recycling efforts as well. Can you explain a bit
 about your efforts in this area?

Heather*I was once told there is over 4 billion pieces of vintage flatware in circulation.
 Not sure how accurate that number is but I am sure it has to be close. Vintage
 flatware has a huge market and can be quite valuable...but like anything else
...condition plays a huge roll in this. Plate loss, scratches, and dings can drive the
 price down and unwanted pieces can end up in our landfills. I try to find a use for
 the vintage flatware I purchase no matter what condition it is in. I love to use the
 especially worn pieces for my garden markers. I think it gives the pieces such
 a unique character and makes each piece a one-of-a-kind.

I also use shipping envelopes that are 95% recycled content. I use recycled tissue
 paper when needed. I also try and re-use as much shipping materials
 from the shipment I receive.

TAE•I recently featured a few spoons that I had ordered here on TAE, can you 
tell us a bit more about what is available in your line?

Heather* I have lots available to choose from. I mainly stamp spoons, forks, serving
 pieces, cake servers, pie servers, and spreading knives. I feature wedding fork sets
and servers for the couple's first bite of cake. Spoon garden markers for the garden.
 Custom pieces for home decor, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, and much more!

TAE•Your flatware is individually stamped and chosen at the time of the order. 
This of course makes them highly personalized, but is there a maximum count 
on letters/words or is it based on the individual piece?

Heather*Yes, there is only so much I can fit on each piece. The forks are the trickiest
 and really look best with 8 characters or less. Spoons have much more room and I
can get quite a few words on those. I can also use different sized spoons to
accommodate more words. Plus, there is always the option of using multiple pieces
 if the phrase is particularly long. I have not had to turn anyone down yet because of
length of wording. I always figure out a way to make it work out!

TAE•For our readers outside the US, is shipping available worldwide?

Heather*Yes, I am happy to ship worldwide.

You can find Pretty Paris on Etsy here.
Facebook here and Twitter @prettyparis

Screen shot on Pretty Paris Etsy Store

Heather has graciously offered a set of 2 vintage spoons just like
the ones you see here in my photos...with your personalized engraving.
To enter please leave a comment below and the winner will be
chosen at random. *The giveaway is open worldwide :)
The giveaway will be open until Wednesday 2-22 at midnight PST
 and the winner will be announced her on TAE Thursday 2-23.
*This giveaway is now closed.

Please join me in thanking Heather for taking the time to help us
get to know both she as well as Pretty Paris a bit better. And
for her generous giveaway offer!

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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