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Clementine, Meyer Lemon and Ginger Juice
with a Happy Chef Knife Sharpener Review

This juice has a couple of my favorite winter citrus these adorable little
clementines and Meyer lemons. Both being less acidic than more traditional 
varieties of both oranges as well as lemons, gives us an ultra-smooth juice,
with just enough tang to maintain a refreshing burst.  

Clementines are a variety of mandarin oranges and are typically seedless. They
have a deep vibrant orange outer peel and typically boast a similar deep color
in the fleshy area. They have a wonderful balance between tart and sweet.

As for our Meyer lemons, they are said to be a cross between the 
mandarin orange and the traditional lemon. The have a rounded body
typically, and a thin smooth outer peel. many times they have a deeper
yellow than the traditional lemon. And like our clementines, are
less acidic than their counter parts, lending them to be far
sweeter than the traditional lemon. 

But before we start our juice, we have a knife sharpener that we recently
review for the people over at Happy Chef. They carry a large assortment
of chefs attire along with a really nice selection of culinary tools. 

The sharpener was sent to us for review, it is a Chef Sharp series, with a
Two Stage Sharpening capability. What this means is there are two different
blade sharpening tools in one. A Carbide that sharpens the edges, and
a Ceramic that finishes the edges.

So we dug up a sorely neglected knife and gave it a whirl...
We were very impressed by the sharpeners ability to bring some
life back into the old guy. And as for our other knives, yes we
have many ;) They are getting a polish up from the Ceramic side.

Both this sharpener along with a selection of chefs knives,
cases and other culinary tools can be found on their
"Chef Knives" page.

We were very pleased with the performance of the sharper
and will not hesitate to check out more items from them. Please
stop over and take a look...Oh, and the prices are unbelievable!

What you will need:
1 1/2 pounds clementines
12 ounces Meyer lemons, about 4
2-3 ounces fresh ginger
Agave to taste, optional

Let's get juicing: 
Start by cutting your citrus in half. Juice the citrus first, then add ginger
pieces cut in half, leaving outer skin on. You can start with a smaller
amount then taste adding more until desired flavor is achieved.
*Note: I used the full 3 ounces.
Makes approximately 1/2 Liter.

And as for our remaining ginger can freeze this for making
teas, or adding to cooking water to enhance the flavor or rices or pastas.
Now for those little empty clementine shells, you can dehydrate or freeze
both the zest and/or peels to use for future purposes. And you can
also freeze the entire little halves intact, then utilize
them as mini bowls for frozen treats...perhaps we shall try this :)

And since we have such a lovely and fragrant juice...Mimosa anyone?

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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