The Ardent Epicure

An Ode to the Pleasures of Food

Happy Birthday to The Ardent Epicure with 
a Mimosa Freeze and Awards

I can barely believe it has been two years since we started this little blog.
Well, thanks so all of you it's not so little anymore :)

So to celebrate going into our third year here...I made a Frozen Champagne
treat...I'll drink to that, join me?

Some of you may remember the Clementine, Meyer Lemon and Ginger Juice,
a few posts back? Well that was the inspiration for this treat :)

This is such a simple way to have a refreshing after dinner treat/drink,
and would work with any of your favorite juice or juice combinations. Or
perhaps a fun early Spring Brunch?

There is really no recipe, just add 1 part juice to 2 parts champagne.
Place in a shallow freezer proof container and allow to freeze for
several hours. Check after about 2 hours of so and scrape with
a fork to loosen into shavings. Continue until you have fully
frozen shavings. 

You can serve in a glass or bowl, or use the citrus rinds
halved like I did, by just placing them in the freezer
until your shaved treat is ready.

And now onto the awards~
I am going to admit that I have been way behind and a few of these 
are from several months ago. But since we are celebrating...

The Versatile Blogger Award was awarded by a few wonderful blogger friends.

Starting with the always lovely Reem of Simply Reem.
Reem is not only one of the sweetest blogger you will ever encounter, but
 also one of the most passionate. Her site is full of delightful recipes and
 some really beautiful photos. So stop by if you have
yet to meet her...and give her a hug from me!

The next wonderful blogger to award us this prize, is the equally
wonderful and sweet Shannon of Just as Delish. Her site is literally
packed with healthy and delicious goodies. She also has some great
time saving and healthy/good for you tips. So if you are not yet
acquainted...quickly stop over and get to know her, you
won't be sorry! 

We also received this award from yet another lovely and passionate
blogger Jules of Bananamondaes.I'm sorry, but the name alone has
me wanting to stop by and kiss the screen...and well her photos 
are not helping much, with all those in your face-take a bite
goodies staring back at you! Then to top it off we get to correlate
 our food with equally fun books, movies and legends...I mean really, just
 how much fun can you have blogging? Well apparently quite a bit,
 so stop over and get introduced if you are not already!

We were also award the Liebster Blog Award along with the
The Versatile Blogger from yet another wonderful blogger Sonali of 
Only Fish Recipes. And yes, as you have probably noted from
the sites title...there is a wonderfully unique and impressive list
of recipes to make any seafood lover do a happy dance! And if
seafood is really not your worries, these flavors can
be happy on any plate :)

And for the last, but certainly not least, the Kreativ Blogger
award was presented to us by the wonderful Terra of Café Terra.
Terra has a degree in Nutritional Science and is a Food Safety Quality 
Assurance Auditor...but aside from knowing how to keep our food
safe, she knows how to make food fun! So pop over and get
your creative juices flowing...after all food should be fun :)

This last award came along with a Tag, so I will be listing 10
things about TAE and/or myself...
  1. TAE is actually a duo. The blog was created by both myself and my oldest son Adam aka Truffle Shuffle.
  2. There were originally three of us, but Sugar and Spice lost interest :( Since he is the baker of the group we will need to bribe him to guest post perhaps :)
  3. Truffle Shuffle is NOT a vegetarian, so that is why you see not vegetarian dishes here at times. Both by myself and Adam...after all, I am not the only one who eats around here :)
  4. We have a huge, and I mean huge passion for unusual finds and exotic spices.
  5. Truffle Shuffle is a Hot guy...I didn't mean in the looks department sillies, although...just sayin'. I mean he loves much so I should have given him jalapeño as a middle name.
  6. I am a horror movie addict, and I mean even the low budget B flicks.
  7. Aside from my horror movie fetish...yes fetish, I love foreign and independent films. My favorite movie is Indochine. I have probably seen it at least 20 times. 
  8. I have rituals...several of them. One is when I go to sleep at night, I must have all of the following. Tea lights for my soap stone burner that I heat up leftover candle wax in. Next is the ocean/nature music playing. Then my waterfall, softly lulling me in the background. The my cricket singing app...yes I have an app for that.
  9. I am afraid of insects! I mean terrified to the point of causing myself bodily injury to escape them. My friend laughs at me and says "Little bug...6 foot woman". I don't think its funny!
  10. For the last one I am going to follow Terra, as she brought up tattoos. I have one, an orchid with the vine wrapping around my ankle. 

Thank you everyone for helping us make it to our 2nd Anniversary...
Wishing you all a joyous week!

Alisha~Magic of Spice
Adam~Truffle Shuffle

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