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Shaved Endive, Black Radish, Carrot 
and Apple Salad with a 
Jasmine Plum Wine Reduction

I was recently the winner of the Dipstock round up for Super Bowl contest
sponsored by the lovely Sara of Saucy Dipper.

I initially received a case (six pounds) of beautiful fresh California
grown Endive from California Vegetable Specialties. But then
I received yet another shipment just the other day. So I am
pretty sure we are going to be seeing quite a few recipes featuring
these versatile little guys around TAE :)

California Vegetable Specialties is the only producer of
endive in the US...

Both Endive and Curly Endive are members of the chicory family and
commonly used like lettuce. Also a very popular vegetable used in many
 types of appetizers. California endive is available and grown year round,
so it makes for a tasty treat anytime.

These lovely black Radishes are a delight that can add a
little additional spice to any dish you would use a traditional
variety of radish. They are a bit spicier than the more common salad
radish, but not quite as pungent as horseradish.

They are about the size of a turnip with a tough outer skin, and
white a white crunchy inner flesh.

Carrots and apples are always a favorite salad duo for me
so I added them both for some additional textures and crunch...

And for our dressing...of sorts. I made a simple Plum Wine reduction
that I infused with a few Jasmine Tea Buds and Some bruised
 white pepper corns.

I chose two types of mint from my garden the Apple mint
and some Peppermint to add a refreshing burst to
our salad. 

Just a couple of added goodies here to broaden our flavor profile
a bit. We have a favorite pepper of mine the Penja Pepper
also referred to as "Pepper from Paradise".  It has a very delicate, warm and
woody flavor, with a woody and musky aroma.

Then we have the wonderful and aromatic Jasmine Buds. These are
actually very young green tea leaves rolled into buds, that have been scented
with jasmine.

What you will need:
For the salad
8 endive, shaved
4-6 young carrots, julienne cut
A few bunches of young carrot greens
1/4th black radish, julienne cut
2 large apples, quartered and thinly sliced
3-4 large apple mint leaves, chiffonade cut
2-3 peppermint leaves, chiffonade cut

For the plum wine reduction
1/2 cup plum wine
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon penja pepper, bruised
3-4 jasmine tea buds

Let's get cooking:
For the salad
Prepare all vegetables as noted above. Then arrange on individual
plates or a serving platter as desired.

For the plum wine reduction
Place plum wine along with jasmine tea buds, pepper into and lemon
juice a small sauce pan. Bring wine to a rapid boil, then reduce to
a low heat. Simmer for just a few minutes  or until the mixture
just coats the back of your spoon.

Quickly strain mixture through a fine mess sieve. Allow to
sit to room temperature, the drizzle over salad.

*Note: due to the higher sugar content of the plum wine, the
mixture will thicken quickly. If it becomes too thick, add
more plum wine and/or lemon juice.

Serves 4

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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