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The New Green Smoothie Diet eBook Giveaway

Posted by Magic of Spice

The New Green Smoothie Diet
 eBook Giveaway plus a Sneak Peek

This new book written by Hilary Greenleaf, is an new way to "eat" your vegetables,
 or rather, drink them. Hilary is considered the leading authority on organic foods
 and considered America's #1 Organic Expert. She is the author of
four books, an educator, and nutritionist.

One of the unique features about these Green Smoothies, is that they have a
very specific proportion and combination of fruits and vegetables. And each of
these combinations is meant to target a specific health benefit or concern.
 And within each of these topics there is a list of information, as well
 as recipes for each health topic...

     Weight loss
 Detoxifying the body
  Increasing energy
Fight heart disease
Prevent certain types of cancers
Boosting the immune system
 Protection against diabetes
Making skin and hair beautiful 

The book also offers a few ways to not only boost the flavors of your Green smoothies,
 but target even more specific needs. For example an addition of cinnamon or thyme,
add even more heart health benefits. Did you know that Cinnamon is rich in
polyphenols, or that thyme has more antioxidants than carrots and tomatoes?

For additional tips and information on varied topics, you can visit Hilary's
website. You can also purchase a copy of  "The New Green Smoothie Diet"
for your Kindle here on Amazon.

The Giveaway:
For the giveaway, Hilary has generously offered 4 of our readers a free copy of the
 book, available in your choice of PDF, kindle, or iPhone/iPad formats. The giveaway is
 open to everyone worldwide and the 4 winners will be chosen by TAE randomly.
 The giveaway will be open until Midnight Monday May 7th PST. The winners
 will be announced here May 9th. *Update: These recipes Do Not require a juicer!

The Sneak Peek:
Those of you that are regular readers of TAE, will probably remember that I belong
to a cooking group "The 5 Star Makeover", hosted by Natasha of 5 Star Foodie
and Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks.  So some of you may have noticed that I did
not do a post for April's monthly challenge. But, I am not the only one who did
not post for our monthly event. In fact none of us did, and here is why...

We will be having a special Spring "Restaurant Wars" event, so we have all been
 divided into teams. My teammates are Kym of Free Spirit Eater and Marisa
of Cook's Book. Our restaurant affectionately titled "Marishky"  (Ma-Rish-Kai),
which is the meshing of our three names...and our theme is, you guessed it
"Tropical Paradise". Each team member will be providing a dish for our
menu and will be posting the last week in May, so stay tuned :)

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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